Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some Great Ass Qualities

[Parts of Post Removed by Request - 3/11/06]

As usual, I trimmed my shave around the ol' cock 'n' balls and then scrubbed ********. At hand today happened to be a bottle of Split-End Conditioner and when I read the contents whilst doing the weekly anal probe I got even more excited than I did last week when I noticed that the bottle of stuff I'd selected contained the oat protein. This week's offering promises manageability, shine, softness, strength, bounce, and body. All very good qualities for an asshole to possess, so I'm well pleased in knowing that not only is my ass clean, but that it's also strong in spite of being soft, and shiny to boot! I could probably do well without additional bounce, but you have to take the bad with the good sometimes.

Seriously, this is the time of a typical week that I live for - these few hours of excited thought and aroused introspection when I realize most keenly that I'm living what had been such a wild dream for so many years and imagine how the evening of pleasure will play itself out for us this time. I love how freely Dee strips down for her lovers and me, knowing full well how much she excites us. I take much delight in seeing and feeling her excitement as she touches each of us in turn and knows by our hardness just how much we want her. I love sharing her, especially with Don and Mike who know her body as well as I do and who know just how to give her the deep pleasures she craves while savoring the sensations she gives in return.

I have to take a nap before I'm compelled to jerk off. The excitement is running at a ridiculous high. Why today in particular? I have no idea. I just need to cum so bad that I can taste it.

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