Saturday, December 10, 2005

Old Crusty

If you're a guy, or in a close relationship with one, you know how we hang onto old, threadbare, holey underpants until they become impossible to wear. I've held onto fabric things long past their functional lifespans all my life. I have three complete wardrobes, my skinny one, my medium one, and my currently employed fat one. Although I never had a blanket like Linus, I did have a "stuffie" - a stuffed animal that I treasured as an infant - a little, nondescript, powder blue dog who still occupies a place of honor atop my dresser, nearly fifty years later. In only its middle age compared to my childhood doggie is Old Crusty who lives right under my side of the bed, within fingers' reach.

It was sometime in November of '82 when Old Crusty first came into my life on a special evening in Dee's dorm room. It was the first time that Dee and I were to make love and at that time O.C. was just a plain brown towel folded neatly on top of the stack of towels in her closet. When Dee selected it as the towel of honor to keep her mattress dry during our initial romp it took on its singular special purpose - henceforth to the be special "fuck towel" which would serve as the official repository of our comingled juices. It has served us well during our 23 years together, even jumping in to perform additional duties as the official spooge catcher when I give myself a good cranking on the bed and to serve as my napkin during a sloshy cunnilingus session.

When Dee tosses it into the wash and we have to use a "stranger" towel, it simply doesn't feel right. Sex is just better with Old Crusty around.

Old Crusty strikes a fetching
pose at the edge of the bed.
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Suze said...

Joe, we too have an old crusty. It serves well to catch my ejaculate when Alex makes me squirt.

I must admit it is becoming a little threadbare now and not serving its purpose as well as it used to. Last time it wasn't adequate at all, maybe it's time for a new crusty. :)

Rosie said...

Dare I say I'm a bit a__l, ok lets make it compulsive. I have sheets in three colors and a towel to match each. Plus a yellow spare.
Hey, it just makes me feel happy.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Joe, you know I love you.

But that is a disturbing picture.



Biker & Teacher said...


I never let The Biker get thread bare, I am very anal retentive. But we both hold onto sentimental things so we can hold onto the memories. We treasure the pillow cases that we on the bed the night we first made love. They never were washed and we keep them in a plastic bag in our closet.

When I first looked at your picture, I must say that I thought it was a crumpled brown paper bag. I had to read your post before finding out it was a towel. Old Crusty is an appropriate name.

The Teacher

Desireous said...

Would you hurry up and post already I'm tired of looking at old crusty! :-)