Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Annoygasm #317

What would you think of a recommended reading list where the person who's shoving the list in your face implicitly says, Here! I haven't necessarily read any of the other things which are listed here, but I wrote one of them? Not much, I'd guess. Neither do I, especially when the list is there anew every week like some cross between a chain letter and a Who's Who book in which they'll print your name so you'll buy a $50 copy, right where I'm expecting a good piece of writing to be. And it's only worse when the same list keeps popping up like a bad weed in backyard after backyard.

Sometimes a thing looks great on paper but ain't so hot when it comes to fruition. I think that annoying list is one of them. Sure, it probably scores some blog hits that otherwise might not be there, but the concept of mechanically promoting writings recommeded by the authors themselves seems a bit absurd. A sidebar link carries a lot more weight with me; it says something about your appreciation for the writer's works. The weekly list doesn't.


Biker & Teacher said...

Then, call The Biker and I dandelions!

You know that most people detest these weeds, but the more you try to weed them up, the faster they grow. ;P

The Teacher

JStrap said...

Way to go Joe!

I like a guy who speaks his mind.

Personally I found a lot of bloggers through the Blogasm originally. But I think your point about the authors receommending themselves is very well made.

And is it my imagination or do some, not all, but some bloggers put a uncharacteristically large amount of time and effort into one post? Which they then Blogasm, and become less productive for a few days.

I say most as there are some very good writers on that list.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, Joe. Even though I participate.

I'm not going to say anymore...