Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Getting Some Early

I ache to cum. I know that Dee's sporting a pair of gold colored panties because she text messaged Mike this morning with the color of the day and in under an hour those panties will be coming off for me to sink my cock deep into Dee - the best place in the world to be. Our daughter's at school for an extracurricular activity and Dee's out of work a bit early today - the perfect opportunity for a later afternooner.

The ache I feel isn't the one of my teens where a fleeting thought of so much as half a bare nipple had me tenting out the front of my pants with a steel hard erection. It's an internal thing - centered somewhere in my pelvis - deep in the middle of all my sex stuff, around my prostate. I clench my ass and I feel that yearning inside me to spray a big batch of warm cum. I feel a soft of tugging sensation in the base of my cock and my balls draw up as I envision my stuff squirting out of me in a series of long arcs, each punctuated with a whole body spasm of the most wonderful pleasure that can be had. My need almost takes on a corporeal existence as it grows and the urge to spray intensifies. With each passing minute the ache deepens. I need Dee. I want her sweet, snug pussy passionately.

Soon my baby will be home and I'll be coming at her with my hard dick before her coat is even off!

Dee guides my aching cock to where it needs to be.
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1 comment:

Mac said...

Very tender, very sexy, very erotic and all filled with love.