Thursday, January 05, 2006

Date Night (with the Dentist)

It's always a huge disappointment when Dee and I have to postpone a definite date as we'll have to do today because the dentist called yesterday evening and said that he could squeeze us in tonight. Dee has a bit of dental work that absolutely needs to be done, so we have to jump on the bandwagon while it's rolling down the pike. Mike, as always, is perfectly understanding, but it's very disappointing to us to have to give up an evening with him.

Back when sharing Dee was something I did in secret fantasies but not in reality I longed to share her not only with another man, but with one who is a close friend - with somebody for whom both she and I had a fond affection - with somebody who would appreciate not only the pleasures of her body, but who would also savor her sweetness, tenderness, and passion in their coupling. Mike has become that guy in particular, and an evening with him, like an evening with Don, is always something very special to us - not something we throw in the towel on quickly nor lightly.

Although we've gotten accustomed to seeing Don every two weeks which is how often he gets out, we've almost come to expect to see Mike weekly in spite of that not always being the case. On a week when we don't get to see him it feels like something's missing and by the time we do get around to seeing him it feels like an eternity has passed. The bond that we've formed with both Don and Mike is huge - way beyond what I'd ever imagined we might feel back when I jerked off rabidly and fantasized about my wife fucking other guys. It's an awesome bonus to the sex. It's what gives the continued sex through the years the driving excitement and deep fulfillment that it has for us. It's what keeps us cumming [sic] back for more, and more, and more. And it's what keeps me writing about it all as if it's something new and fresh rather than a regular part of our life for the past years.

Mike feels Dee's thong which is soaked
with her juices in anticipation of making
love with him passionately.
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Biker & Teacher said...


Unfortunately, life gets in the way of our fun sometimes. (report cards, grading papers, the dentist, family committments) Just imagine and anticipate next week! All that built up pressure will be unstoppable ;P

The Teacher

deeslittlemike said...

Oh yes teacher the anticipation is building already from my end. I hope it is the same for Dee and Joe.


GeorgeVanna said...

We sure missed this week's meeting. Look forward to next. And Joe, thanks for the email.


Desireous said...

Sheesh as if going to dentist ain't bad enough but now you have to cancel a date too. Ugh!!!


Mac said...

Always wait in eager anticipation for your next get together with Don or Mike or both. Good luck at the dentist.

Threesome for Fun said...

We just had to postpone a "date" last night as well- my fault. I am one week into a new job and I was simply exhausted. Everyone (or both of them) were very understanding. The downside (and upside) is that my wife is insatiable at the moment.