Monday, March 27, 2006

Hat Trick Plus One

Dee and I usually keep a Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday sex schedule with extras thrown in if either of us is particularly on edge for a climax together. It works well for us, especially the knowing that "Tonight's the night!" three times a week. I masturbate at least once daily regardless of whatever sex Dee and I might be sharing, more often if I have the opportunity. The self pleasure isn't viewed as being "instead of" having sex with Dee. I enjoy it in its own right and she thinks it's somewhat amusing that my hand is in my pants as often as I can get it there while juggling real life around my sexual pleasure excursions. My point - I'm not deprived in the least when it comes to having fun.

This past weekend was a banner one in that Dee and I shared sex on Friday and Saturday as well as our usual Thursday and Sunday. She was up for it and came after me with that sweet, horny look on her face on Friday evening when both of us got home from different engagements, and on Saturday when our daughter had an afternoon engagement it was pretty much tacitly understood and anticipated that we'd head upstairs after dropping her off. Every one of our sessions was just exquisite. It felt like my whole body was being shot through the tip of my cock with every spurt 'n spasm, and by the way Dee's bottom heaved with each of her orgasms I could tell that she was enjoying it all just as much if not more than I was.

We're hoping to resume our play with Dee's lovers this week, but it's a tentative plan at best for right now and in part it will depend on procedures done and answers given mid week. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes that have been coming into our mail boxes. Nothing looks particularly serious at this point, but we'll likely remain cautious till the votes from all the precincts and parishes are in.

Dee enjoying the glass dildo during one
of our play sessions in the past few days
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GeorgeVanna said...

Joe and Dee

Our thoughts continue to be with you for good reports.

Rosie said...

Hope things will be alright. And that is a beatiful photo.

Brooklyn said...

My god that's beautiful....

Mac said...

Hope things will be back to normal soon, Joe. Great picture. Thinking about you both.