Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If This Is Abuse, Traumatize Me!

Do a Google image search on "Debra Lafave." She's 25, blonde, gorgeous, and she blew a 14 year old boy numerous times. Sorry, but there's no way in heaven that I can see this kid as a victim of anything. I'd've given my left nut when I was 14 to have a pretty face like this one in my lap and I'm pretty damned sure that I wouldn't have spunked up her mouth to go crying, "Abuse!" afterwards. I do believe that I'd have dealt rather nicely with the "trauma" of getting my young dick sucked by such a hottie. I think I'd have made it to adulthood quite unscathed and maybe still grinning. This isn't at all similar to taking it up the keister for Father McPederast in the sacristy. Not by a long shot.


Mac said...

No joke, Joe. You or I should be so lucky. Caught all this on CNN last night. What a farce. What 14 yr old boy wouldn't have given anything to be with this babe. She is gorgeous and from the looks of things she loves to fuck too. LOL

Thinking about you and Dee. Hang in there, Dee. Mac

Suze said...

It has to be said, "I bet she could teach me a thing or two". This is every boy's wet dream. I can't believe that he objected to this.

I certainly wouldn't object to her going down on me. ;)

Jay said...

i agree i wish i would have had a teacher like that

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

It is every boy's dream, but consider this...

Would you want a brunette, 25, ***homely*** teacher to be unpunished for having sex with him? Is the only thing that makes it ok that she was fairly young and attractive?

The law seems to say that anyone under a certain age is *incapable* of giving consent, even if they think they are giving consent, especially to someone who is in authority over them. Like a teacher.

I love ya Joe but I've gotta disagree with you here. No matter what he thought, she crossed the line big time.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

AAG, when I was 14 I think I'd have let a troll suck my cock just for the sake of having it sucked.

Anyway, I didn't really say that I think the hot blondie shouldn't be punished. She broke the law and whatever consequences apply should be applied to her (though apparently they're not). I just don't feel bad for the kid for having gotten his dick sucked.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Joe, I'm 37 and I might let a troll fuck me right this minute.

If he asked nicely.