Monday, March 20, 2006

Inventory Control

Dee and I got home from the mall yesterday and just as she was about to toss a new pair of pants into the wash she noticed that the register monkey (asshole check-out clerk) forgot to remove the plastic "inventory control" thingamabob that promised to gush an unsightly dye all over the pants if it were tampered with. I can attest now that these things really do have dye capsules in them - a red one and a black one - made of glass, just as promised. I can also attest that a steady hand with a Dremel cut-off disk makes an extra trip back to the mall to have the stupid thing removed unnecessary.

So, I ruined something that'll cost the store a few bucks. Do you think they'd have offered me a couple of dollars to make up for my extra trip back to the store if I'd had to take the pants back to have the thing removed? Yeah, right!

I don't think any business should be allowed to offer a simple "Sorry!" for a fuck up. If it costs me time to make up for their mistake, they owe me something. I remember a simpler time when the customer was always right. The businesses which still think that way get most of my business. If you're any kind of manager and you're reading this, remember it the next time somebody in your employ screws up something for one of your customers and you're tempted to offer a "Sorry." Offer something to make up for the incompetence, the inconvenience, the aggravation, and shove that, "Sorry," up your ass 'cause it's worth as much as whatever else is up there.

Well, I'll be! There really are dye capsules in these stupid things.
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1 comment:

roundsquare1 said...

i totally agree.

I have been on the end of things like that a number of times.

after having to drive all the way back to the store I usually ask to speak to the manager for either a discount on a future product or something. most of the time I just get a "sorry sir, we cannot do that"

I usually just end with a "fuck you very much..."smile, and walk out.