Saturday, March 25, 2006

It Really IS Important!

The joy of youth! The ability to get an oak hard woody from the slightest thought of female nakedness. If I could go back in time, I'd go only far enough to get that back - well that and not having to groan every time I rise from a chair. Back far enough so that our "bad years" never happened.

I remember the evening on which I took this picture, though it was a long time ago when Dee was only 20.

Dee was doing the dishes after a late dinner and I was already nude and eagerly waiting for her to come to bed. She paused while doing the washing to use the bathroom, and since her pants and panties were already down she slipped them off and treated me to this adorable view of her to ponder while I waited with my dick pointing to the ceiling of our little apartment.

I remember eating her ass that evening. A great, slobbering feast of ravenous hunger between her sleek, round buns, gobbling her ass as if it were going to be my last meal. I remember rolling her over after I tore my mouth away from her asshole to find her labia wonderfully engorged and red, and her pussy oozing her cream copiously. She couldn't wait to get my cock inside her. Neither could I.

How I'd feared during our 16 bad years that I might never again experience Dee's desire like that. That I might go to my grave without once more looking into my wife's lust filled eyes and lose myself in her passion. Though our evenings out with the guys have been put on hold for a few weeks now, our fun here at home continues, and I know that as soon as she's able we'll have Dee's lovers back in bed with her.
It was her attitude because of the depression that made the bad years bad. It's her hot and horny attitude now that keeps life so wonderful in spite of the problems we've been facing. It really IS all about sex on some levels. But that's OK. Sex IS important, though some would try to deny that.
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Suze said...

Joe, I'm surprised you didn't take Dee over the kitchen sink.

Alex and I have several times. I suppose you could call it multi tasking. LOL.

Very cheeky shot. Dee has nice ass I can well understand how you want to spend so much time with it. ;)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Great shot. It really is all about the sex.

And Suze, I love your new photo.

consise10 said...

The sex is what keeps us together too.It kind of helps to bridge the gap as much as i hate to admit it.