Thursday, March 16, 2006

Slow Handed Pleasure of the Self Induced Kind

I've lamented here more than once, and not too long ago, that somewhere between becoming bi-curious and having just about all of my longest standing fantasies fulfilled, I lost the ability to enjoy jerking off slowly and building a good climax for over an hour. I honestly believed that it was totally gone from my arena of personal pleasure. But, maybe I was wrong...

This afternoon, after work, I had some extra time on my hands, I didn't feel like my usual nap, and I knew I'd be alone for a few hours so, as I used to do in the good old days, I undressed myself completely and paid my visit to The Hun in search of my daily ration of new fuck and suck pics. I'll bet it had been over a year since I last took off all my clothes to crank one out having gotten out of the habit when the kids got older and started coming down for a late snack on occasion rather than hitting the sheets at lights out and going to sleep. That was a good chunk of the difference I think. With all my clothes off I can play under my balls much more easily and that's one of my favorite parts of foreplay whether I'm alone or with a partner or more. Today my touch down there felt exquisite and I went through the first few links from The Hun just playing with the boys and ignoring my cock for a while.

When I did start in on my dick it was with a slow, left-handed, underhand grip - pretty much the opposite of my usual right-handed full grasp on the ol' meat. I started with a feather light touch and it was nice - very nice. As I got harder I increased my grip only a little, running my fingers along the full length of my shaft and savoring the unique sensations my fingers gave me every millimeter of the way. When it started to feel TOO good, I'd dip back under my nuts with a few light fingertips. Mmmm! How I'd missed those self administered delights!

After about a half hour or so I decided to try adding just a dab of lotion to the mix and it was fantastic! I generally prefer a dry stroke the whole way and abandoned the occasional use of lube right around the same time that I stopped getting fully nude to play with myself. Oh my! The delicious sensations of which I'd been depriving myself by keeping my briefs on and just pulling my cock out of the fly.

I tormented myself for about another half hour or so adding another dollop of lotion whenever what I'd already administered got absorbed or the moisture evaporated - just enough to deny myself the full friction of my fingers gliding across my aroused flesh. I could literally feel that familiar urge to spritz building ever so slowly from way down under my balls and getting bigger with each passing stroke. When I got to the point of no return I resisted the temptation to squeeze hard and jerk fast as I usually do and kept up the slick, slow, feather light motions of my fingers and what a reward! My cock was hyper attuned to the rich sensations and felt as if it might turn itself inside out as my orgasm started. I swear I could feel, as if in slow motion, the semen advancing up the length of my urethra before blasting its way out of the tip of my hard dick. Each forceful shot of my warm cream came with a whole host of amazing tingles that I was feeling inside and out. It was the best self induced climax I've had in a long time.

As the old post cards often said... Wish you were here. To watch, at least - or to add a gentle, well placed fingertip at an opportune moment.

The undies came off today and what a difference!
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Mac said...

Nothing like it, well almost nothing. What a wonderful feeling!!

Sheen V said...

Great post! I do the same - strip down to nothing and tease for as long as I can or have time to do.