Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Aching to Cum

My cock is straining to cum. What it whispered to me when I got home from work and sat down here to check the day's horny e-mails it's now screaming. There's no subtlety about the deep ache I'm feeling down there. The need is like being on just this side of having blue balls. I can't do a thing about it because our daughter's home, and even if I could tend to my own pleasure I'd do my best to refrain because it's Tuesday which means I have a fun session later with Dee to which I'm looking very forward. So is my cock. It knows, in a sense, that a quick hand job wouldn't suffice because at its core what it most wants to do is sink deep into Dee's warm, loving body, and to erupt inside her - to deliver in hard, pulsing jets the thick spunk I can almost feel my body making more of in anticipation of ejaculating it into Dee later. It's a primal feeling that I'm experiencing - one that, if not for the eventual release which I know will come later, would have me climbing the walls.

It'll be like this all evening and the urge will continue to grow as the hours tick by until it's time to take Dee to bed. Just walking up the stairs when it's time will be somewhat painful, so deep will be my need then. Watching Dee undress, or undressing her will take an eternity no matter how fast we might get her nude. I'll kiss her only for a brief time and give her nipples but cursory attention because I'll want to eat her pussy for a long time in spite of my own desire to cum. I'll want to lick her silly - to tease her by bringing her to the verge of orgasm again and again with my tongue and probing fingers, and then holding back just when she's ready to go over the edge. And when I have her to the same bursting point which I know I'll be at myself - only then to dig deep into her swollen folds with my tongue - into the depths of her womanhood with my fingers and give her the blessed release which she'll wordlessly beg me to give her by pulling my face closer and deeper between her outstretched thighs with urgent hands. I'll feel her whole body tense and then explode. I'll ride her heaving bottom with my face like a rodeo cowboy astride a bull that's just taken a taser to the balls, and stay with her until even the tiniest of her spasms has passed and she has to tear me away from her juicy cunt before she gets too sensitive.

And then... Sweet bliss when I get to lie back with my legs wide apart for Dee's mouth to raise me to the absolute fevered pitch of ecstasy just short of orgasm itself. To watch, and feel, and savor the feeling of her soft tongue as it says hello to my cock and balls with loving licks. To feel the warmth of her darling mouth as she engulfs my glans and then glides her pursed lips up and down the length of my hard shaft. To feel myself throb when she slips me from her face to stroke my sweet spot with her thumb as she lowers her mouth to lick and suck on my balls until I'm squirming with the most urgent need to cum - a thousand times more keen than it is right now as I'm writing this. And then - her grin - her sensational, beautiful, grin when she lies back, raises her legs and spreads them wide apart for me to mount her. I love most how she's keenly aware of just how good she makes me feel - and of how good she feels about herself for giving me that pleasure.

That was what was missing during our bad years - Dee's being able to find happiness in making me happy. Now that she has it, it's the most amazing thing because our mutual happiness feeds off itself in cyclic fashion. That seems to be what love is all about. That, and cumming with the one you love, of course.

My precum will be flowing like a fountain when
Dee finally takes me to her mouth later to
get me good and ready to enjoy her pussy.
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deeslittlemike said...

Hey Joe,

Now you have me all horny! Mmmmm oh to be a fly on the wall this evening or to be there to help you cum!

Have fun, buddy!


Mac said...

Gee Mike, would you mind some company from another fly???

TheChief said...

I wouldn't mind getting some loving from your sexy lady. You are a lucky man. Any time you need a break, you be sure to let me know.

velocity said...

I absolutely love your blog. You and Dee have just what my husband and I are looking for, someone like Mike. We haven't found anyone close enough to us just yet, but we are constantly looking. I look forward to hearing about your future encounters!

GeorgeVanna said...

wonderful photo and prose