Monday, April 10, 2006

My Tongue Needed that Fix

Last night I was finally able to go down on Dee after about a week's hiatus because she was feeling so crappy and had a gut wrenching cough that wouldn't quit. I was nearly getting the D.T.'s from withdrawl. She'd kindly taken care of me a few times during the week with her mouth and pussy, but had declined when it came time to get her own jollies explaining that she'd never be able to tighten the appropriate muscles to orgasm without a cough ruining it. It made sense, so I bit my tongue - literally at times so hungry was I to taste her delicious folds.

Thanks to Dee's open mind I've had occasion in the past few years to eat a number of pussies belonging to some wonderful women. I'm always delighted to discover the particular signature aroma of a lady's bottom - as distinct as the bouquet of a fine wine. Because we play in groups generally when there are other women with us I don't always have opportunity to undress another lady - to take off her pants and to nuzzle her through her panties, but if I had the time to do things slowly, that would be high on my list of things that I'd like to do every time. It goes back to undressing my sister's best friend in my bedroom and taking in the wild scent of her aroused pussy when I opened the front of her denim pants to find the crotchband of her panties moist with her desire. What a phenomenal smell - her turned on bottom - a cross between fresh soil and early morning at a bakery. Although up until that point I'd only read about and fantasized about licking a girl's soft folds, I knew as soon as her heady scent wafted up to my nose that I needed to do it. I've been hooked on licking pussy ever since and when I have to go a little while without, as I did this past week, it's not easy.

One of my best pussy eating experiences since we opened our marriage was with Freda at her and Bryan's apartment. She tasted SO good and came so beautifully. I regret that after sharing a few experiences with us they decided that they'd best tend to their own relatively new marriage rather than to continue experimenting with extramarital fun, but I respect their having known when to call it quits before going farther than they'd intended in a way that might have harmed their own relationship. But, oh, what a fantastic time it was with my tongue in her folds, and I'm certain that she'd agree.

I've read now and then about some women - Traci Lords is one of them - who don't like to have their pussies licked. I'll always believe that that's because they've never had ME do it to them.

How about it. Know any pussies that are ripe for a good licking?

Dee's aroused pussy, thick of labia, and rich with
her natural cream is always a delicious treat .
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1 comment:

deeslittlemike said...

Mmmm Joe I agree with you Dee is a tasty treat. I didnt get a chance to lick her much last time we played and my tongue to is itching to pleasure her. Mmmmm she tastes yummy for sure.

Very nice picture, mmmmm Lick, suck and kiss!