Monday, April 03, 2006

Almost In, But Not Quite There

I love foreplay. I can sit and watch for hours. Well, okay, I can participate in it for hours too. For as wonderful as it is to cum, it's the getting there that really makes the big gush all worth it - all those moments of wanting to squirt, but not quite being there yet.

I downloaded a bunch of "dirty pics" from the newsgroups yesterday - something I haven't done in a long time. I was in the mood. Among the gems were various series featuring the kinds of soft core sex pictorials popular in Penthouse and Hustler back in the 70's and early 80's - the "almost in" kinds of pictures where the tip of a guy's hard cock is as close to the pretty model's mouth, cunt, or ass as it can possibly get without making actual contact. I found myself very much aroused by these old teasers - turned on by the very excited, stiff cocks being right there on the verge of feeling the ultimate pleasures, but captured in those most tense moments of being so close to those mushy, warm, tight places of their desire - so close but deprived of the sensations. There's something about sexual tension of that sort that just makes me swoon with arousal and I enjoyed my reunion with the genre yesterday immensely.

I've fantasized at times - in fact, before we even started sharing Dee, I occasionally imagined myself making such a series of pics with Dee and a very horny man. His cock, hard beyond all measure. His veins prominently engorged just beneath the surface of the taut flesh. His glans a rich, dark purple. The bundles of his vascular and spongy tissues well delineated. A milky drop of precum forming at the very tip of his dick. And all of that throbbing, excited, thick slab of male sexuality poised - eternally poised in shot after shot - waiting to enter Dee's mouth, her pussy, her snug ass. Poised, but never allowed to penetrate her.

Is there such a man who'd be willing to be the model in shots such as these? Taken over the course of hours? After watching Dee masturbate to orgasm? After being allowed to play with her breasts and her pussy with his fingers? Perhaps after being permitted to bring her to climax manually or orally? Maybe even after watching me or a lover fuck her soundly? Is there a guy who'd then be content only to pose for picture after picture with his cock just millimeters away from her lips? Her turned-on pussy? Her winking asshole? To pull up his pants and take his leave after all of that? Without cumming?

Yeah, taking pictures of that scenario would do me just fine, though I wonder if at the end I wouldn't insist that he go ahead and take a dip in Dee anyway.

Jack's dick is poised forever in this shot of
Dee's mouth approaching him. I love
the tension in a shot such as this one.
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