Thursday, April 13, 2006

Being - In Dee

I figured out sexual intercourse, pretty much, in a "Eureka!" moment while reading a MAD Magazine when I was about 12. I believe it was in one of their movie spoofs - a picture of a man lying atop a woman with a newspaper draped over them. Suddenly, it all clicked, and I realized in a shining moment of internal brilliance that this is what sex was all about - a guy sticks his cock into a woman! I didn't exactly know where he inserted it into her nor do I recall having given that part of the equation much thought, but I figured out the cock part all by myself. (Pat on head with a big, "Attaboy!")

I can't say that my life changed much in that moment of magnificent discovery. I was still happily humping the support beam in the basement like a horny dog to get my dry jollies, and I had yet to realize that part about how sticking one's cock in to a lady would feel better to Ye Olde Dingus than 100 steel poles. That would come about a year later when I discovered that I could give myself the same pleasure derived from visiting the basement simply by lying on my bed and using my hand. There went in a heartbeat - or more precisely, my first real ejaculation - my lifelong ambition of becoming a priest. Once I started pumping out those long, thick, warm ropes of cum with each orgasm, everything changed. The only certainty I wished for my future was my own girl to participate in these wonderful rites of pleasure with me.

I plan my life around cumming much of the time. For over 30 years it's been the one subject I've never tired of pondering - the one activity above all others from which I derive what I consider to be the absolute best of life's physical pleasures. I enjoy giving orgasms as much as getting them, and at times even more. I try to have as many in a given day as I can get away with - at least one - often two - once or twice a week three or more. I trade off the frequency for the added sensitivity of occasional abstinence.

I've cum with both men and women now in a variety of wonderful ways. The absolute best orgasms, though, are the ones I have with my wife. Specifically, within her pussy. Sure there's the sometimes added thrill of naughtiness if I spray into her mouth or her ass, or if I cum with somebody else, but my personal best is still, is always with Dee - right where nature intended. Thanks, Alfred D. Neuman, for leading me to this path!

It's not often that you see Dee's pussy wrapped
around my cock in the pics here, but inside
her is the best place in the world to be.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Love how your hands look on her ass in that picture.

this girl said...

Those hands.....


GeorgeVanna said...

great stuff as usual


Mac said...

That's a lovely tribute to Dee. That's where your best orgasms should be, IMHO.