Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chattin' Up Some Cum

Lazy that I am, I like it when a blog post practically writes itself as it did this morning when Dee and Mike chatted before I got up. I enjoy so much how the two of them play off each other in their shared sexuality - how my "innocent" little wife builds Mike's urge to cum till he can't hold back any longer and just has to spray it all in her honor. Of course it's much better when it's actually happening and I can watch his hard cock working her snug hole and hear their exchange of dirty words, but sometimes reading the words alone is enough to get me all hot and bothered and in need of a good squirt myself.

Dee: I want you to cum for me
Dee: fuck me
Dee: I need you
Mike: mmm i need you, I want to be inside you, I want to tease your clit with my hard cock.
Dee: mmmm
Dee: so fuck me harder
Dee: I want you to cum for me
Dee: can you feel Joe's hands on your balls, encouraging you to empty deep inside me
Dee: fuck me
Dee: I want it
Dee: I love seeing the pleasure cross your face
Dee: Joe is now licking your balls
Dee: can you feel his tongue tese you
Mike: oh yessss cummmmingggggggg
Dee: push deep inside me
Dee: keep going, I know you have a lot of cum for me
Dee: fuck me
Dee: it feels wonderful
Mike: mmmm oh yes, gallons of cum for you
Dee: mmmm
Dee: keep going
Dee: I want more
Dee: mmm
Dee: keep cumming

What a nice read to start my day! Dee went back to sleep after their chat so it's pants off time for me to work out a quickie 'cause it'll be too long to wait till this evening when we can do it all properly.

My fingers feel each of the spasms as
Dee's hungry pussy milks Mike to climax
and he gushes his warm cream into her.
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Suze said...

Joe, I hope Mike didn't shoot his load all over his keyboard. ;)

Jack said...

Awesome, pic. It is incredibly hot to watch a guy pump his jizz into a pussy. You are lucky you get to watch it.


MikeCindynJoe said...

Another great pic, Joe! Damn!