Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Code Blue

When I was of preschool age I had a storybook about a little boy's visit to the doctor. I know I mentioned it somewhere in this old blog before. There was a picture of the doctor palpating the boy's bare belly and I remember feeling something powerful when looking at that page, though I can't say precisely what form the feelings took. I suspect they were the four year old equivalent of sexual arousal. I think that page and the resulting feelings left me with somewhat of a medical fetish.

Now I'm not saying that a naked ride on a gurney would have me popping wood or anything like that because I hate everything about hospitals from the smells to the sounds to the almighty attitudes of some of the personnel, but there are some things medical that I think I'd find stimulating. Running a stethoscope all over a woman's bare tits, for example, might interest me as would playing with a vaginal speculum other than the plastic toy one I have upstairs. A set of dainty feet with classy legs up in stirrups would get a bit of a rise out of me, I'm quite sure, and I'm fairly certain that the sight of somebody all sheeted up as if for surgery with only a window exposing the genitals would have me frothing to taste said genitalia. Even an old enema bag (I know. "Ewwwwwwww!") and a receptive, curious asshole might put a twinkle in my eye.

It's all fairly nebulous. These things are only guesses. There's definitely something about thoughts of medical doo-dads in an erotic setting, though, that kind of tantalize me.

A favorite pic from when I had my own website chock
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