Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hairy Mary, Quite Contrary

When did having a normal amount of hair on a woman's mons make it vogue to call her "hairy?"

I spend a lot of time over at The Huns usually downloading on a daily basis the picture sets and little viceo clips that turn me on. It seems, though, that every time I click on a "hairy girl" link there's just a girl who hasn't taken a razor to her pubes. It's not like I'm trying to find a picture of Gorilla Girl when I click; I know I'll usually just be getting some hot pics of a lady with a "normal" bush, and that's what I like to see sometimes. I just don't get why The Hun and others seem to deem a lady hairy for not shaving down there.

Soon, hopefully, Dee will be done doctoring for a while and we'll be able to put the razor to good use on her vulva and mons. Till then I'll just continue to enjoy my "hairy" wife as nature intended. Besides, it's kind of extra erotic to see her kinky curls clinging to a hard cock as it slips and slides in and out of her.
(Yes, we were supposed to be seeing Mike this evening, but I've been sick all day.)

Dee's delightful bush from a Polaroid
I snapped of her in her mid 20's.
Hair? Yes. "Hairy?" I don't think so.
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GeorgeVanna said...

We love the hair, not hairy. Agree with you, Joe.

Mighty fine woman you have there.

Mac said...

Doggone right Joe. I love to see a woman's vulva "au naturale" (sp). I love a hairy bush, tastefully trimmed however for the same reasons you mentioned plus I just think it's beautiful. It makes the treasure hunt for the pleasure that lies beneath the hair more interesting to find, if that makes any sense. I hope the guy/girl that came up with shaving a woman clean does not come up with anything else to do to the female anatomy. Hope the date with Mike tonight goes good and that you get to feeling better.