Friday, April 07, 2006

Creampies Revisited and Sundry Thoughts

Every now and then I come across a repost of a picture of Dee that we showed off at one of the various posting places online, and it always gives me a little bit of a thrill to have somebody think highly enough of one of our showings so as to feature it again. Often I find such reposts in the creampie newsgroup where it's one or a few of Dee's dripping pussy pics being spotlighted in a gallery of similar images of just fucked women in all their wet, sloppy glory. I love how she poses for the camera after being filled up generously by me or one of her lovers, showing off her cream filled bottom openly and almost haughtily. There's often an ear to ear grin on her face when she's spreading her soft, smooth thighs wide apart for the camera to catch the white man lava oozing from her hole. And, there's just as often that same grin on my own face because it's hard to contain the joy she makes me feel in being so open with and proud of her sexuality.

I still pinch myself sometimes to make sure that I'm not dreaming. To make sure that this sweet woman who's changed so much in the past four years is really and still the same girl I married a long time ago. She is. She's just juicier now. And a hell of a lot more fun!

The sight of a Dee creampie never fails to raise my spirits
even when they're soaring in the first place.
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MikeCindynJoe said...

Very nice pic, Joe. All three of us love wet 'n messy and that pic makes my tongue hard! You should run a series of them. Yes, that's an incredible edible! Yum!


Jon Jonz said...

Oh, yea, that is a sweet shot! I luv how smooth her thighs and ass look. A little icing sets them off so well.

Jack said...

That pic raised more than my spirits. Awesome, I love the sight of a freshly filled pussy. Next best thing would be to have sloppy seconds with it. Thanks for the pic.


caveman said...

Wow, that is one hot picture. Dee's pussy looks sooo sexy...