Thursday, April 06, 2006

HNT Disappointment

As a preamble, I assure you that I have not yet checked anybody else's blog yet today. Therefore, if what I'm about to write hits home, please be assured that it is NOT directed at you personally if you happen to be "guilty." It's an observation in general based on some past posts, but again, even if I wanted to name who does on occasion this silly thing that I'm about to rant about, I couldn't put a proper noun to it. Hell, I don't remember what I'm supposed to be cooking for dinner most of the time.

Anyway... If you write a sex blog... and you participate in Half Nekkid Thursday... why in the name of heaven would you post something like your friggin' shoulder blade that has absolutely no overt erotic value except perhaps to a shoulder blade fetishist? Yeah, yeah... I know that the spirit of HNT is that the showing doesn't have to be of fully bare, turgid, engorged genitalia all plumped up and ready to do their thing, but if you're a sex blogger why wouldn't you want your reading public to be jackin' or jillin' off to your fun parts rather than groaning over that picture of your ankle with the realization that it might be at least another week before they get to hope for more exciting offerings from your camp? Curses to those of you who post your "regular" parts with a snicker, deliberately knowing that you're frustrating those of us who have absolutely no visual imaginations and who rely upon those weekly explicit images of you for some added excitement when it's pants-off time.

Seriously. Nobody wants to see a picture of
you like this if you're writing a sex blog.
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this girl said...

You have very nice hands. i mean that..

Maybe you could post your hands for HNT...cause sometimes what a man's hands can do to a girl, is..mmmmmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you to a point.
But, you never know what one person's preferance may be.
For example This Girl noticed your hands.
I also enjoy seeing how clever people can be, for example when I got my new computer it only made sense to me to show my hands on my new keyboard for HNT.

I hope we keep enjoyingg each other.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You do have a nice hand and a that other part is.

Hey, I posted titties. Quitcherbitchin'.

Love and kisses...


Goose and Gander said...

it does get tedious, doesn't it? thing is...most HNTers seem tame if not totally vanilla. We don't post very explicit photos in our everyday stuff, but we've talked a few times about whether HNT should be even more toned down because it's a fairly PG scene, seems to me.

Sweetmiss said...

Sure....complain....complain.....and I even posted a pic per your request earlier this's no pleasin 'em.


Buttpluglover said...

Speak for yourself GNG. Who needs an excuse like WOW or HNT to get a little exhibitionistic? Only the repressed. Not me, that's for sure. I post my parts whenever I feel like it.

Shay said...

My HNT doesn't usually get very explicit because I post porn on my blog every day and HNT is supposed to be different (right?)
Besides, I don't need to show you my tits for you to know that I'm sexy. ^_~

Also, goose and gander do make a good point.