Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life's Better With My Clothes Off

My cock does not belong in pants. It's unnatural. It doesn't want to be in them. It wants to be out in the open all the time - to be admired, kissed, licked, fondled, fingered, stroked, sucked, fucked, to have all those fun cock things done to it and other things too that it might find pleasurable that it's not experienced yet. I sit here, when I have to with my pants on, thinking about when I'll next be able to take them off. To let my balls hang low and to let my cock point upward unfettered - without the encumbrance of clothing. To give myself the good rub that I'm craving - that I'm always craving. To feel the familiar tingle of a climax ripening within me - that wild sensation centered deep behind my balls that feels something like an ache, but a good ache which promises an amazing, sloppy, wet relief. I want to cum. All the time. I want to cum, and cum, and cum some more. With my clothes off. All my clothes. Even my socks because an orgasm just feels better when one is completely nude. Everything feels better with my clothes off!

Other thoughts...

Back when it was in the news that a hot blonde teacher was blowing one of her students I remarked here that I'd have been happy to have had such a relationship with a woman like that when I was in my teens. The sizzling little blondie was given a slap on the wrist, but faced no jail time. Somebody wondered aloud in the comments as to whether the fellatrix's prettiness was a factor in her light sentence. Well, here's our chance to see... Today's news features a plump, plain Jane teacher in trouble for fucking one of her junior high school students 28 times in a single week. Four times a day for a week? I'll say it again: In seventh grade I'd have thanked my lucky stars for the opportunity to fuck an adult woman, but not my seventh grade teacher - she was an enormous nun.

What the hell? Everybody else is trying to be artsy.
As long as I happen to have my cock out anyway...
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primosolada said...

Mate, this got my attention! (I'm new here)

Yes, everything is better in air wear! I've relocated closer to the equator for more warmth, more sunshine, more nude time. I'm new there too, staying with friends, little opportunity to be naked.

I'm missing it something fierce! But salvation is just one job offer away... then to find a partner for full skin sharing. You are so fortunate to be involved with a treasure like Dee!

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I think I was the one who wondered that...

I'd love to help you explore all the fun ways to be naked, Joe.


Desireous said...

Well to be honest I had a few teachers I wouldn't have minded banging either for that matter!