Saturday, April 29, 2006

Inside the Box

Jackie, the Cyber Slut Wife, makes a very valid and succinctly put point in a recent article. She writes in regard to some of her fans' requests, "Just imagine if your wife was doing this and what would happen if your friends or neighbors or co workers found out." I wish more guys had that in mind at times when they write to us about Dee.

If we had a dollar for every guy who ever asked us on the side to send him some face pics of Dee, we could host a week long orgy for all my favorite bloggers and bloggerettes in Hawaii and fly everybody there and back. Like after taking great care to go through our picture sets to eliminate the possibility of showing a face in a post I'm going to throw all caution to the wind when "Harry Balz" from Sheboygan writes to assure us that our pics would be much hotter if we'd show Dee's face, and that we can trust him to be discreet if we would be so kind as to send him a few through the mails.

Then there's the issue of phone sex. Sure! Here's our number. Call us any time and Dee will be happy to yank down her pants and join you in some mutual masturbation a la telephone. Or perhaps we should just call you and burn up those minutes while you give yourself a slow crank.

Let's not forget those hot cam to cam offers, although that one seems to be falling by the wayside. I'm not sure if fewer and fewer of my fellow pervs are using webcams these days, but thankfully there aren't too many queries these days about whether or not Dee will join a horny dude in some finger hockey via camera.

There are still, though, those guys who need to remind us every time we post a video clip of Dee in action somewhere that our clips would be much hotter if they could hear her cooing out her pleasure.

All of these things would take us out of our zone of comfort and that's why we need to just say no to the guys who request them of us. It's not that we're not basically trusting of most people, but accidents happen. For example I had my own hard drive disaster some months back and if my fun pics of Dee had been on the drive I'd never have dared to take it to the shop to see if they could save any of the data. And I'll bet that very few of us who've been on the 'net for many years have never sent off a mail to the wrong party on occasion. It happens. Besides, I think we're pretty generous in what we make available of our fun photos in various newsgroups and posting forums while sparing ourselves the worry of sending out our private pictures far and wide. As Jackie says, put yourself into these shoes (or take them off along with all of your other items of clothing) and see how quick you'd be to give away enough clues for friends, family, and neighbors to know that that's YOU in those pictures.

Our pics of Dee are always going to
be the south of the nose variety.
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mrvelocity said...

Finger Hockey LOL love that phrase.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You are don't owe your readers any more than you are comfortable giving.

Having said that, I'd love to see a picture of *your* face, as we've become friends over the months since you kicked my cyber ass and I got you all hard by quoting Kant to you.


Darkneuro said...

Joe, hon, you and Dee do what feels comfortable to you. Fuck the pervy 'You can trust MEEEEE' whiners. And yes... That's pervy of them to request it.