Monday, May 15, 2006

Alice Through the Glory Hole

When I first became bi curious around ten years ago or so my thoughts were never about men, really - just about their balls and their cocks. The overall guy didn't matter one whit because my total fascination with him, whomever he might have been, centered in a relatively small area at the juncture of his thighs. I wanted to lick his balls till he was shaking and begging me to suck his dick, and then I wanted his cock - rock hard and in my mouth as far as I could accommodate him.

The glory hole always fascinated me, though I've never actually encountered one in my travels. The very concept of that opening with somebody's throbbing cock coming through the wall eager for me to give it pleasure stoked the fires of my passion for dick tremendously. It represented the ultimate form of man to man sex that wasn't at all about the man himself - just about his equipment - putting it through its paces and making it blast in eager jolts its viscous appreciation for the fantastic sensations of his orgasm. Wham! Bam! Thank you, Sir!

Alas, I am an utter contradiction because despite the hot fantasies I had about it once upon a time I don't think I could "do" the glory hole in reality. In spite of my trying to divorce a man from his genitalia in my fantasies, I can't do it when somebody's pants are off and his dick is in my face. I'm not really comfortable with strangers - at least not as "strange" as him being just an anonymous hunk of man meat sticking through the drywall or panelling. All in all it's best when a buddy like Don or Mike is attached to the cock in my mouth. There's something special about it - one of those specials that I've been trying to put into words here for almost a year now, but not coming close to expressing it.

I'm feeling a little better than I was when I wrote my last lament. Maybe I'll stick around after all to keep trying to voice things that are ineffable - like dicks poking through walls and such.

It's my own pound of prize flesh poking through
the panelling in this shot. I can think of a
few bloggers and bloggerettes whom I'd
love to have kneeling there on the business
side of the hole with hungry mouths open.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Sorry, if I'd ever have the pleasure of kneeling before you, I'd want The Whole Joe, not just the equipment.


Little G said...

I LOVE glory holes! I once spent about 5 hours in a small cubicle in Sydney's Oxford Street while cocks came and went. It was a wodnerful night of unlimited sucking! I love the anonymous thing.