Sunday, May 14, 2006

You Sure It Ain't Fathers' Day?

Oh, I love a morning like this!

I got up, kissed Dee who was in the middle of her usual morning chat with Mike, poured my coffee, and barely got two sips in me when Dee approached me with "the grin" on her face which indicated that she'd been very naughty in chat and was now in need of some blessed relief. Up the stairs we went.

I got a really royal cock sucking! Usually Dee gives a very nice blow job which is both relaxing and arousing but this one was extra wild with little moans coming from her as she rocked back and forth on all fours between my widely spread legs to slide her warm mouth and snugly pursed lips along the length of my stiff shaft. Some flicks of her hot tongue all over my balls and I was good and ready!

She flipped over, lifted those classic legs wide apart and grinned as I made my approach. Her sloshy hole was pure bliss and after I heard her telltale groan there was no holding back. It was one of those orgasms where it felt like my whole body was going to turn inside out through the tip of my cock. So good! So absolutely, wonderfully good!

I snapped some pictures throughout the proceedings, of course, and after tucking Dee into bed afterwards for a morning nap I rushed downstairs to send them to Mike along with my thanks for the "foreplay" he'd done for me in chatting with Dee. It was only after I sent them that I actually read the transcript of the chat which one of them always sends to me. It wasn't Mike talking all naughty and dirty this morning. It was almost entirely Dee doing the nasty talk and I loved every last word of it!

A few lines from some of the best excerpts...

Dee: You insert a toy into my wet pussy and secure my legs to the table
Dee: You and Joe leave me and go into another room to make plans
Dee: then I hear the door bell.
Dee: and more voices.
Dee: you and Joe have decided that more guys were needed to use me.

Dee: One brings his cock close to my mouth and I quickly swallow it
Dee: Joe unties my hands so I can grab cocks.

Dee: I get into a doggie postion so I can suck better
Dee: some one climbs under me and starts to tongue me
Dee: another uses his tongue on my ass

Dee: two of the guys hold my legs higher
Dee: one fucks my mouth
Dee: the one with the largest cock, positions himself at my pussy and teases my clit

N.B. Dee does NOT welcome chat invitations
from strangers. Her chat time is limited
and she prefers to spend it
with a few good friends.

Dee's delicious bottom immediately
following my creamy finish this morning.
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RobbieG said...

Can I eat that when you are done???