Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Musings on "Vitamin V"

It's Tuesday - fuck night here at Chez Dee & Joe and I popped half of a little blue pill about twenty minutes ago. I can feel it working, and as usual I'm enjoying the effects it has on me even before Dee and I head upstairs and start undressing. From the first Viagra I ever took out of curiosity I've rarely headed to bed without one. They make me feel like I'm sixteen again, and then some.

I'm sitting here not fully erect, but my cock feels alive - kind of thick for want of a better word - thick and very awake and alert. Most of the time I'm oblivious to my clothes, but now I can feel my boxers and the slight pressure of my pants against my cock, and it feels good! I'm doing the male equivalent of the kegels as I almost always do between swallowing the "Vitamin V" and joining Dee on the bed and with each squeeze of the muscles I feel a distinct and unique pleasure in my dick that I only feel when I'm pharmaceutically fortified. There's kind of a general throb down there in my entire groin. I can feel my balls roll a bit as I tense and release rhythmically. The slight sniffle I've developed is the only usual side effect and one that's barely noticeable in light of all the benefits, the best of which are to come in a little while.

The best effects of Viagra are felt when I'm on the sidelines watching Dee working a lover's cock and mine is standing as stiff as it ever did in my youth - the skin taut - the precum flowing - the slightest touch against it giving me fantastic waves of an amazing pleasure way out of proportion to the degree of stimulation. It's as if all the nerve endings are hypersensitive and I squirm at times with my desire to cum, but on such an evening when Dee's with one of her guys I enjoy the tension felt in waiting till later to mount the bed myself to claim my wife's sloppy, beautiful, used pussy. The thickness, the throbbing, the amazing degree of stiffness while I'm enjoying the sights and sounds of Dee fucking are just indescribably delicious and the magic blue pill enhances it all.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There was more, but I stopped at the end of that last paragraph to head upstairs. Now I'm spent and basking so much in the afterglow that I've lost any desire to keep writing.
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