Friday, June 30, 2006

Absofuckenomenalutely Wild!

The rain has long lifted and the threat of flooding which had resulted in a good portion of the city having been evacuated is over. But that's not the really good news...

When Dee was getting dressed yesterday she asked, as usual, what I thought she should wear, but unlike most days when I give her a smart assed answer like, "Oh, you'd even look good with nothing on," I suggested a slit skirt. She took one from the closet and showed it to me.

"No! Not that one. The one with the really long slit. We have to give Dan something to look at."

Dee grinned impishly, put the first skirt back and reached for the one I wanted - the one with the slit that shows a lot of thigh when she's seated. Thrill #1. The second thrill came a minute or two later when she selected a much lower cut blouse than she usually wears to work. Again the devilish grin shining through her patented "demure look" where she bites her bottom lip playfully and raises her eyelashes as if to say, "Who me? I don't fuck other men while my husband watches and takes pictures."

So off Dee went to work filling me with the hope that Dan might enjoy some peeks at Dee that would make him think of her in a sexually desirable way if he didn't already. Little did I know that thrills #1 and 2 were going to get blown out of the water like paper battleships with the thrill that would come later.

After work, Dee came home, we ate dinner, and off we went to the motel to meet Mike for an evening of fun love making. We weren't a block from the house when Dee's face lit up with - once again a grin, but this one damned near of the kind about which a mother might say, "Stop that or your face is going to stay that way!"

Me... "What?"

"Dan had to run an errand at lunch time so he told me that he wouldn't see me for lunch. But then he said, 'Unless you want to come with me.'"

Me, grinning now, "So did you go?"

"Uh huh. In his car. I made sure there was a lot of thigh showing."

Yes! That's my girl!

Now there I was sitting half hard already because we were only a few minutes away from Dee and Mike's first kiss which would kick off our naked evening. That little line about the thigh took a few more creases out of my cock.

Dee... "He asked me what we do on our date nights." (Everybody who knows us pretty much knows that we take one evening a week to go out together.) "I tried to be vague but he really wanted to know."

"So, did you tell him?" (Some cock pressure against the old boxers now.)

"I asked him how much he really wanted to know about me."

Damn, but she knew how to tell this story in little bits and pieces to get to me but good. Dan pressed for details.

"We have sex. We meet a friend and we have sex. In a threesome."

My cock near knocked a few teeth out of my zipper!

"What did he say?"

A few things...

He asked if it was fun. (She assured him that it is.)
He remarked that he'd never done anything like that. (A possible hint that he'd like to be invited?)
He asked her how we got started. (Long story. She filled him in.)
He asked her if we do it every week. (Almost every week.)
He told her that she was getting him excited. (Here's hoping he'll want her to do it in the flesh!)

Last night's date with Mike was fucking electric. Dee was so turned on by the whole Dan thing that it showed on her face and in her motions the whole evening long. Her kisses to both Mike and me were lingering, deeper, more tonguey. She was on fire with a depth of passion I haven't seen in a while - maybe since she made love with Don for the first time. It almost felt like that night in some ways - the night on which Dee lost her extramarital virginity. It was wild all around. Before I put Dee to bed last night I had cum three times. Dee, probably three dozen.

She was still charged up this morning. Biting the lip. Raising the eyelashes. Talking about Dan. Actually saying aloud to me that she wants him. I'm as excited as she is. There's something really hot about the thought of her making love with her lunch buddy. Just having him in our little circle of friends "in the know" is quite stimulating in itself.

She thinks he'll have moral issues if she invites him to join us. I hope he'll overcome them if he does because I think watching them would be a thing of great beauty.

The real questions...

Will Dee have the balls to tell Dan that she wants him?
Will Dan ask Dee if he can join us sometime?

Stay tuned!

This is the skirt Dee was wearing when she got into
Dan's car making sure that plenty of thigh was showing
and then confessed to him that she has sex with others.
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RobbieG said...

You must have been fuckinbesideyourself with joy. But the real question for Dee is does she tell Dan EVERYTHING that goes on in your sessions or wait until he is with her and suffering from blue balls?

MikeCindynJoe said...


The psychological excitement and erotic tension of sexual anticipation proves once again that the MIND is our strongest erogenous zone (the other parts are necessary too, but...) lol

This new potential has me watching avidly (pun intended). I hope you and Dee (and Dan) get what you want. (Now, get to work on New Girl)


GeorgeVanna said...

Joe and Dee

Very sexually stimulating circumstances.