Thursday, June 29, 2006

Philosophically & Sociologically Husking Corn

There I was in the yard this afternoon husking some corn to go with supper when I opened the required mutant - that one ear that's always in the batch which wasn't formed as perfectly as the others - and I got to thinking... If those ears of corn had been girls in high school, would I have given that odd one a second glance? That one there in the middle - with the BIGGER and LUMPIER "kernels?" Or would I have turned from that girl disdainfully repulsed and set my sights on one of those others - the cheerleaders - the kind that look like they all came from the same mold?

I'm ashamed to know the answer. It's the one you'd have expected.

In middle age I consider myself most fortunate to think that I've overcome that narrow thinking. I'd like to believe that I'd head for that ear of corn in the middle first. Because it's different. Unpredictable on the tongue. A little meatier. A bit tougher. Something to give you little run for your money.

How about you, ladies? If those ears of corn were men (Get your sweet mind out of the gutter. I mean if each one represented the whole man, not just his dick.) would you do the same damned thing you did in high school and make that guy in the middle wish he'd been more suited for the football team rather than the band? Or would you give him a chance to make you happy?

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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Fresh corn...mmmmmmm.

Um, you were saying something?

Yeah, I should definitely have paid more attention to those wonky ears of corn.

evilangel said...

One in the middle always pays more attention, he is always more caring and makes you happier than the others.

Rosie said...

I have been thinking similar thoughts for same time and just didn't have the opportunity to say so. It's become more evident to me in the almost 2 years of being on the Internet that there are some fantastic guys around. Taking a moment to meet them 1/2 way, being self-confident enough to share one's self (and be just a bit flirty,) can bring great results. And a friendly, interesting, smiling, intriguing MALE always looks good. Just like Joe's corn.

Suze said...

I have never selected the "perfect" ear of corn. They were usually boring, full of self importance and conceited.

The more interesting, less popular types always appealed to me. They were usually the most thoughtful and considerate of the bunch too.

Anonymous said...

Well I would have to say that even in high I did not choose the guys that were caste in the same mold. Sometimes this got me into trouble.

Now that I'm older and have nibbled from all the types of ears out there I have learned that they all have something to offer. But usually those less choosen, less nibbled, are sweeter.