Friday, June 23, 2006

Hot Date Night Musings

It's a beautiful morning out here at the bistro table in the yard. The birds are yammering as usual (Not too obnoxiously, though.) and I grinned broadly when I saw a "yard cat" as we call the neighborhood strays slink across the back end of the yard thinking that I didn't spy her. I began to write the captions for the pictures of yesterday's date night out here, but I started to feel somewhat paranoid that a neighbor could slip up quietly behind me and see a picture of Dee's naked bottom with somebody else's hard cock buried deep in her pussy on my screen so I left the rest of that for later to begin today's blog entry. The threat of thunderstorms hangs over us here today, so I'm getting as much yard time in as I can before all hell breaks loose, and as it's been since I've been able to write from outdoors, it's great having you along with me here.

Last night was the first time we saw Don and Mike together since late February and it was the first time in quite a while that Dee was feeling sufficiently in good health to enjoy everything without aches and pains detracting from the manifold pleasures her lovers ministered to her. The evening's pleasures were punctuated later on when a friend of ours from college stopped by to watch Dee playing - the first time he's taken a baby step toward entering into the sharing Dee thing for which he's had a standing invitation since nearly the beginning.

I hope Don won't wince when he reads this because I feel the need to acknowledge that he was very right about something. I'd make no mention of it except it's a significant part of sharing Dee - a significant part which I'd kind of forgotten about with my usual tunnel visioned way of seeing things. For most of the past year our date nights with Don had become foursomes including Mike. A lot of orgasms were graciously given and gratefully received. A lot of cum went flying - most of it up inside Dee. But, we'd lost a huge chunk of the intimacy that had been from the outset a very important part of the equation for us. That intimacy was something that neither Dee nor I had anticipated when we first considered her having recreational sex with other men, but it made our heads spin the first night Dee made love with Don and it was there so magically between them.

In early March Don lamented the loss of that sense of intimacy in our playing with him only in the foursome. Our first reactions were hurt and maybe a bit of anger that he'd dare to "complain" about anything. We put date nights on hold while we assessed how he was feeling - how we were feeling. After all was said and done, we saw him alone for the first time in a long time, and we discovered that he was absolutely right. There's a remarkable intimacy that Dee shares with Don, and with Mike, but it's not able to manifest itself as richly in a group setting as it is when it's just Dee with a single lover. Since then we alternated date nights between Don and Mike, until last night which was our first little group get together in a while, and Don was right. We'd missed the intimacy ourselves without realizing that we had been. It's very good to have it back, and last night it was good, too, to learn that we can still get together as the group now and then and still feel very fulfilled though maybe in a somewhat different way.

Mike gave Dee her first climaxes of the evening last night with his skilled tongue while Dee sucked Don's cock. When she was ready to feel some hard dick in her pussy Don slipped right in at which point I moved a chair to the foot of the bed, gestured for Mike to occupy it, and handed him the camera so he could capture the action on the bed for me to view later. I slipped down between Mike's legs and had the time of my life!

Since the initial stirrings of my bi-curiosity nearly ten years ago thoughts of teasing a man unmercifully took center stage in my fantasies of enjoying oral sex with men. I don't know why it is, but getting a guy to the verge of orgasm repeatedly and then backing off just as he's ready to spray, is even hotter to me in concept at least than taking his full load in the back of my throat. Last night I had my fill at Mike's expense and I really loved it. As he watched Don fuck Dee in a variety of positions I worked over his cock and balls like I never have before. A number of times I heard him whisper that he was close to cumming - and an equal number of times I slowed my pace and lightened the touch of my tongue on his cock till I knew his immediate urge to squirt had passed. When he reached down at one point when I was just licking the underside of his shaft lightly and guided his cock into my mouth - and then thrust himself all the way in until his balls were pressed firmly against my chin - it was one of the best sexual moments I've ever shared with another man. Admittedly because of how my own friendships with Don and Mike have matured, there's a sense of intimacy there too when I have one of them in my mouth, and that emotion was well felt by me when Mike pushed himself into my throat with seemingly as much passion as when he enters Dee. I'd have taken his cum in my mouth if I'd thought that Dee wouldn't feel "cheated" in being deprived of it herself; she really enjoys making her guys cum.

It was after Mike, Don, and I had all cum inside Dee that my phone played a jazzy version of Autumn Leaves signalling a call from a close friend. I saw before I answered that the call was from Mark, a guy I'd known when he was still in high school and I was already at college - a guy who'd become a friend to Dee too when she joined us at the college - a guy who'd be one of our closest friends throughout our married life. I'd told him long ago about how we'd opened our marriage, and after making sure that Dee'd like to make love with him, offered him a standing invitation to join us. He's been hesitant to take us up on the offer because we've been such close friends for so long and he doesn't want to jeopardize that relationship.

When he called last night he knew full well where we were and what we were doing, so when I asked him to come out to say HI at least, and when he remarked, "Well, I am in the neighborhood," I took it as a very good sign. I'm glad he came out even though his discomfort once he got there was kind of apparent in the way that he was almost afraid to stare straight at Dee and for the most part kept tossing sidelong glances in her general direction while bullshitting with me. It was really cool to me that after nearly 25 years of knowing us Mark saw Dee not only totally nude, but sucking cock and then fucking away while Mike and she went at it after Don left. I really hope that he'll take the plunge with Dee someday. It'll add something to the sharing to do it with a longtime friend. It was an added good sign that after Dee got dressed and sat on Mark's lap he returned her tender kisses with some degree of fervor.

I stopped writing here to hit the shower and then I took a leisurely drive to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for supper. Sometimes it feels like I live at that store, but I sure don't mind going there in the summer with all the great looking MILFS out and about in their shorts. There was a beauty in a short, white, pleated skirt heading to Cracker Barrel who damn near brought tears to my eyes with the most stunning set of legs that I've seen in ages, and oh, did she know how to work her buns while walking to her perfect advantage! As I drove past with my tongue hanging from my mouth and my eyes bulging from their sockets I had a small epiphany.

I started to feel after ogling the sweet looking MILF some kind of guilt. Like, there she was just out for lunch with her kids and there I was thinking about fucking the living daylights out of her. And then it occurred to me - this is simply who I am. It's how I'm hard wired. I'd damned well bet my retirement that just about every other straight guy who got a glimpse of her today paused to get himself as much of a big eyeful as he could manage. (Bonus points if he had a monstrously built shrew of a wife in tow and got himself more than just a few seconds' worth of staring at that magnificent behind and those gorgeously sculpted legs!) Nope, I don't think I'm any worse than the average bear though most of the time I see myself that way maybe because I'm so free with expressing much of what most guys just keep in their own heads.

Dee has a lunch date with the "Ice Cream Man" today. I'm fantasizing against all odds that she'll come home later and tell me that he said some steamy, suggestive things to her or better yet, propositioned her.

So, that's it for this week, ladies and gentlemen. Up comes the weekend, the best part of the week because Dee's with me almost every minute! If you know where to look, the other stuff is now up for your viewing pleasures. If you don't - don't ask.

Mark, our friend of almost 25 years, was there in the
room with us last night when Dee mounted Mike
and slid eagerly down onto his hard cock.
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Mia said...

I love reading about your date nights. Thank you for sharing.

GeorgeVanna said...

very hot stuff, joe and dee



we would love to see some pics like you used to post.

Mac said...

A very wonderful post, Joe. Sometimes it's best to stand back and access the situation. You both obviously did and the reward was regaining the intimacy which makes sharing Dee the beautiful thing that it is. Congrats!!