Friday, June 09, 2006

Hello! New Girl Calling!

So there I was at the motel last night, on the sidelines with the camera. Dee was on the bed enjoying a big mouthful of Don's cock while he was lazily fingering her pussy. And my phone rang. More specifically it started playing a jazz version of Autumn Leaves which is my current ring tone to identify incoming calls from friends. Heading over to the camera bag where the phone was happily playing away I wondered who it might be because it's rare that friends call my cell phone. My eyes near popped out of my skull when I brought the phone up to viewing distance. There was the name of The New Girl at Work about whom I'd written in this forum last year here, and just earlier this week here. If you haven't read those entries and don't want to bother now, suffice it to say that this is a woman I want - in bed. I want to consume her passionately!

Announcing the incoming caller to Dee with a chuckle I couldn't at all contain my enthusiasm, answering the phone with a big goony grin on my face which I'm sure New Girl could hear on the other end. What the hell - there I was as naked as anything and talking to my #1 fantasy MILF while watching my wife devour her lover's dick. New girl wanted to talk about the meeting we'd had at work, and about everybody else's reaction. I blew out of the place without bothering to express an opinion as soon as we were adjourned, but she could tell by my demeanor that I was none too pleased with the proceedings. I don't remember exactly if I said something or if my tone of voice betrayed that I was most decidedly "in the middle of something," but New Girl asked if I was busy. I said, "Sort of," and she asked me to call her back when I was free. I told her it would likely be after 9:00 or so and we said our goodbyes. I was delighted for the rest of the evening by the irony of having talked to this woman I would really love to bed while I was at the motel with Dee and Don. She'd never called me before though we'd swapped cell numbers a few months ago. Yeah, I was happy!

While Dee drove us home from our date with Don I returned New Girl's call and flirted shamelessly with her in between talking about the crap at work. She knows that I want her - if she believes me when I tell her that I do. Of course, Dee knows that I'd love to take New Girl to bed, and she was thrilled for me to have gotten the tickle I did from her calling me.

There's a million to one chance that New Girl could find this blog, read this entry, and know in a heartbeat who I am. I'd not be keying this if I couldn't trust her with my life. I do. It's one of the reasons I find her so desirable - because she's a genuine sweetheart. Okay, she's married with children, and underneath it all she has a childlike innocence that I find remarkably refreshing - probably good reasons why I shouldn't think about her in a sexual way. But, it's not really sexual. I want to make love with her and not just have sex. If you don't understand that, I'll never be able to explain it, but that's the way it is here in Joe's world.

The picture on my phone in this shot is one that I
snapped right around the time that New Girl called me.
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Rosie said...

This was an interesting development. When are you going to let us know what happens.

GeorgeVanna said...

would like to know more.

Yin & Yan said...

Sexy böog u have here, we'll be following it for sure.
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NeverEnough said...

I love reading these...

Mac said...

Yes, Joe, I've been following your post about this interesting lady. All I can say is "good luck". Keep us informed.