Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Lappin'" It Up

All last summer I wished that I could work here at the blog out in the backyard where I like to spend much of my time when the weather is so nice, but short of lugging an old PC outdoors every time I felt like doing this, or even worse, trying to peck the text into my piece of shit PDA, there was no reasonable way for me to do it. I couldn’t justify the cost of a laptop in terms of the family budget, and so I remained tethered to my main PC whenever I wanted to write something. I never thought about getting a used unit. I didn’t know that there was anybody local who might have sold them (Forget about Ebay and the like; I don’t trust online hawkers of electronics.) - until we were having breakfast last weekend at a restaurant we visit on occasion and on the placemat was an ad for a computer place across the river, and in the listing there was mention of used laptops for sale. The old gears started turning, then churning, then burning!

I was tearing the ad off the corner of the placemat when our food arrived, and then after we’d eaten I totally forgot about going back to the ad. It was a few days later - earlier this week - when I remembered having seen it in the first place and rushed to the Yellow Pages. I recognized the name of the joint when I saw their half page ad there, and paid them a visit early the next morning. Used Dells - for $500+ - not bad for what they might have originally cost, but used nonetheless and not necessarily with all the features I’d want for that much money. I was terribly disappointed.

A few days passed, and then today arrived. I checked the Yellow Pages again looking for used laptops. There was only one listing under the used category. I called. $200 for something that was described online as being “built like a tank.” I hemmed. And I hawed. And I got it!

Now all my entries here don’t have to be from my usual computer corner. Now I can write about sucking and fucking and lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!) from just about anywhere! I can have my yard and blog writing too! Yippie!

Comin' at ya from the great outdoors!
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this girl said...

Now, you're just teasing us with those hands!!!!


Naughty K said...

Hi babe.... I'm back. Why don't you pop over and tell me what you think...Karen
Tits -n- Toast