Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On Unending Rain

I count on you, my precious friend,
to remind me -
to keep me ever mindful
that even the worst of storms,
the longest of rains,
the gloomiest of drizzles,
the harshest of tempests
will come to an end.

I need you to be there
when all is dark and damp,
when everything is soggy and
gasping, near drowning,
to tell me over and over
as many times as it takes,
till you see the belief in my eyes,
that no rain lasts forever.

And if I am lucky enough,
blessed sufficiently for you to be there
when, indeed, I draw my final gasp,
even in that - there in the worst of storms,
I'll need you to hold my hand
against the terrors of
that final, roaring tumult.
As I go kicking and screaming
and anything but gentle into that good night
I'll need you to remind me one last time
that the storm will end,
that there will be light,
that the sun will be shining
on us both, when we meet again
in a place where storms have no place,
and the only drops which fall
are refreshing tears of joy.

More of today's (less depressing) mental meanderings below!

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Suze said...

Joe, beautiful and inspired your words touched my soul.

this girl said...

A few things: your words are as gorgeous as your hands. AND in the previous posts' picture....Dee was fortunate indeed to be with a man who, not only was approved by you, but is/was an Eagles fan.