Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yet More Random Slices

Much to my chagrin I think that for some weeks hence I'm going to be offering mostly those window of reality types of posts here - the kind that I really don't like myself except for the sex bloggers who really pull them off well like Madame X and Darkneuro among others on my daily read list and about whom I don't mind reading the non-sex stuff that they toss in freely amid the steamier things. It's just the kind of mood I've been in since my workload did its annual slow down. Maybe that'll change, but until it does I'll hope that the faithful perusers of Sharing Dee will bear with me and possibly even enjoy an occasional slice of life served up fresh.

I've been reading Cheri's Secret Lover's Lane for days now. I started from her very beginning and most likely today I'll be all caught up. I'm glad that I decided to go back and read everything she's penned at SLL because I know that if I hadn't I'd probably have tried to start one of those "Oh, Sweetie, I'm so sorry that happened. I wish I could make things better for you," kinds of online friendships that I know I must avoid starting because 1) I'm drawn in too easily when somebody, especially a hot female, seems to be down or suffers even a minor setback with something, 2) there's nothing I can really do to make much of a difference in a relationship that’s only expressed in e-mails, and 3) I spread myself too thin to be anybody's closest confidante which I always try to become when I offer what I would like to be a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, etc. I’ll think of myself as Cheri’s buddy and hope she’ll think of me the same way.

" was just fun flirting that for married people were enjoying yet knowing their bounds."

That line of Cheri's caught my eye this morning in a particular way because while Dee was getting dressed today (and I was watching her with a keen eye and taking pictures) Dan's name came up again. Dee's hours have shifted slightly which means that Dan doesn't walk with her to the parking lot any more. Yesterday he remarked that he misses that walk with her when the work day is over. Why am I finding the flirtatious things that pass between Dan and Dee so amusing, arousing, sweet? Probably for a number of reasons.

Dan is the first real male friend that Dee's made outside of her "Sweetmrs39" persona. To him, she's not the naked lady online who makes love with a variety of lovers - she's just Dee. Dan is, in real life, a good chunk of who I was when I took on the cloak of Camden Holst and began my surreptitious online relationship with Dee four years ago which was one of the major factors in starting our sharing her sexuality with others. He's a pal, a buddy, a confidante to her - something I'd never have "allowed" without extremely prejudicial, accusatory jealousy before our sharing Dee experiences began, yet something I know Dee would have liked to have had all along. Even when we met Dee had more male friends than female, but jealous kid that I was I more or less demanded of her that she sever her ties with them.

There's also what I think is the obvious attraction that he feels toward her in actually expressing verbally his enjoyment of her company. I know I can't speak for every guy out there, but I know myself well enough to know that if I were the male party of a friendship like Dee's and Dan's, I'd want to take her to bed. (Oh, wait a minute! I am that male party with New Girl. Wink!) Knowing that Dan wants Dee is highly exciting to me. Yeah, I know of thousands of guys who've written to her in the past four years telling her that they want here, but this is different because of the a priori friendship between them the mention of which brings me full circle back to the paragraph before this one so I'll shut up about Dee and Dan for now.

Tomorrow - Mike! What can I say? When it comes to sharing an evening with a totally naked and juicy Dee with the very hard Mike, I can't help but be excited. In a month we'll celebrate the fourth anniversary of sharing Dee nearly once a week and it's as amazing, refreshing, arousing, exciting, thrilling as it was that first time I watched Dee make love with Don. An evening with Mike is for me now what a trip to the amusement park was when I was a kid.

"Mommy, are we there yet?"

"NO! Now sit down and put your little dickey back in your pants till we get there."

I think I'm going to add a "cast of characters" to this blog. I find that I keep dropping the same names and feeling like I need to explain anew for the new comers to whom I'm referring each time. I don't know if it would be best to put in into the sidebar, though, or to put it on a separate page with a link to it. I looked at a few samples that might turn this into a three column blog, but actually doing it would be too much like work and not without risk so screw it.

Time to post this and scrounge something up for lunch. What are you having?

I often wonder when Dee's getting dressed
how many times Dan will undress her with
his eyes as they go through a work day.
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