Thursday, June 29, 2006

Waiting for Godot SEX!

My cock's been weeping since early this morning when I watched Dee getting dressed in anticipation of our date with Mike this evening and she reached over to touch me down there - weeping a steady drizzle of precum into my knit boxers and feeling quite thick as I keep entertaining myself with thoughts of the various scenes that will likely play out before my extremely aroused eyes when we finally join Mike at the motel after dinner.

I think of my favorite Penthouse Letters story of all time... The writer, the husband of a woman who is about to be penetrated by another man's cock for the first time, is watching the action while being fondled by his wife's lover's wife. They're supposed to be going at it too because it's set in the context of a swinger's party, but the other man's wife says to the husband, "Let's just watch for a while," as her own husband mounts the writer's wife and then begins to enter her slowly with his meaty dick. How I'd love to be on the couch in one of our usual motel rooms, kissing and being fondled by one of my favorite fantasy babes, with the two of us watching Dee and Mike making love before starting into it in earnest ourselves. You busy, AAG?

My thoughts this morning keep drifting back to the afternoon when Dee and Mike brought each other to orgasm in Dee's car while I drove us all around and took "shoot and hope" pictures one-handed of the two of them going at it in the back seat. Thank heaven it was a long road that sees little traffic with my attention divided as it was between driving, sneaking peeks, and getting pictures of Dee's head bobbing up and down on Mike's super erect cock. After Mike came, up went Dee's shirt and bra, down went her pants and panties, and into her juicy and swollen slit went Mike's deft fingers until she too had a marvelously intense climax. Because we were down in Mike's neck of the woods, a little over an hour south of here, it was a long drive home until I could cum myself, but I didn't mind the wait in the least.

It's in waiting that my desire percolates and brews to make my eventual orgasm even sweeter. I'm waiting like that today for this evening to arrive. There's a general, low throbbing ache in my cock and balls as thoughts of the evening's sexual and emotional fare course through my aroused brain. I know that once Dee's and Mike's clothes start to come off it'll likely be an hour of their foreplay and then love making that I'll wait through until approaching Dee myself for her to relieve me of this pressure as only she can do. I'll probably even suck Mike's cock for a while as my own waits to be touched and handled, licked and sucked, and then fucked till I fill Dee with all this cum that feels like it just keeps building and building up as the minutes tick by, each feeling like an hour in itself. I enjoy the wait. It makes the grand finale worth writing home about. Well, okay - worth writing to my blog about.

Take off your clothes and wait with me!

Dee's aroused nipple stands erect as her whole
body responds to Mike's touch. He's fingering her to
a resounding orgasm in the back seat of her car
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Desireous said...

What a slutty pic!!! Love it!


RobbieG said...

I'm in! Who has the popcorn?

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I'll be there. With bells on.

Naughty K said... do I sign up?

averagedrinker said...

this photo is awesome. my boyfriend from webdate and i does this a lot in his car.we don't mind where we are as long as we feel the urge,go!