Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Placing a Tall Order

I wish I could have a pussy for just one day - my very own vulva, clitoris, vagina (though I could probably do without the ovaries and uterus, though maybe I'd want a cervix to be poked by the glans of a long dick) - so I could experience first hand what a woman feels when she's touched, licked, and fucked. I'd like to know how it feels to have an aroused set of labia and an erect clit between my legs, all swollen and eager to be fingered and tongued. I'd like to feel my cream ooze from my hole down over my taint in anticipation of a good drilling. Ultimately, I'd want to feel a hard cock in my cunt pounding me with all it's worth - a long one - a thick one. I'd want to feel the hefty balls under that dick slapping against my ass cheeks or my vulva if I were to take it doggie style. And, of course, I'd want that big cock to ejaculate inside me - to squirt into me like there's no tomorrow. I'd like to see if I could squeeze the walls of my vagina around that piece of man meat to milk out every last drop of its cum into me. Oh, and please, a set of nice tits too to see what it's like to have them ogled, pawed, and nibbled, and sucked.

Then, I'd like for Dee to have a cock and a set of balls for a day so I could show her what it's like to have one's whole package pleasured, especially by a most willing mouth. I'd want her to cum three times, at least, with her mighty cock. Once in my mouth. In my pussy (assuming we could make that genital switch on the same day). In my ass. I'd like to work a finger up her asshole and massage her prostate too. Yeah, she'd have to have one of those things as well, I guess, to get the full treatment and to produce most of her ejaculate.

Even before Dee ever knew of my bi inklings - hell! Even before I knew of them myself, now and then I'd tell her that I wished she had a cock so I could duplicate for her the pleasures she gives to mine. I still tell her that on occasion. I love her. And, I love sucking cock. What would be better than to suck my wife's dick?

Okay, that sounds weird, but you know what I mean. I think. Right?

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TheChief said...

I have mostly wished for my own set of tits, because I get tired of hearing "Boobies don't wanna play today." Plus, they would make a great conversation starter. And think of the speeding tickets I could get out of!!

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Oh yeah baby. I'd LOVE to have a Cock-4-A-Day. Or 10 days. I'd love to know what it feels like.

Hmmmm cock.

I'd never leave the house.

Fat Controller said...

Hell, you've nailed one of my fantasies right there!

Mac said...

I've wished the same thing a million times myself, Joe. Oh, just to be able to masturbate my clitoris one time to see how it felt. You rang my bell with this one, buddy.