Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Blazin' Scorcher

It's HOT here, but the temperature is mild compared to the chat between Dee and Mike that I awoke to a little while ago...

Dee: what would you like me to wear on Thursday?
Mike: something I can easily eat you through
Mike: maybe your leopard panties, those get me so hot, but Joe and Don might prefer a thong.


Dee: you see a drop of my juice, slide out of me.
Dee: and your tongue cannot be controlled
Dee: you lick it up quickly and I hear you moan "yum"
Mike: my tongue desires more of your tasty juices and I dive for your slit. My tongue slowly moves up and down your moist crevice


(They're Fantasizing about fucking in a public laundry here.)

Dee: you pick me up and put me on a table used to fold clothes.
Dee: it is a perfect height so you plunge your cock into my wet pussy
Dee: the overwhelming desire has gotten the better of you.
Dee: you fuck me hard and quickly release your load so we can resume our teasing
Dee: you ask me to stand so you can watch your cream run down my thighs


Dee: You pinch my nipples as Joe eats me
Dee: the fashion show and my laundry are now completely forgotten as our bodies take over.
Mike: my fingers find your rosebud as Joe continues to eat you while I hold you up.
Dee: mmmmm
Dee: I cum quickly and spray Joe's face with juice.
(I love it when she squirts during an orgasm. -Joe)
Mike: as you are cumming I push two fingers into your dark forbidden hole.
Mike: your orgasm intensifies as Joe continues to lap up your love juices.


Dee: I need to be fucked NOW
Mike: we tease you for a few more minutes as you beg to be fucked.
Dee: Please fuck me
Mike: then we stop and place you back on the table. I'm hard again
Mike: you want my cock, I ask
Dee: I say yes, now PLEASE!!!
Mike: I ask you if this is were you want my hard cock as I rub it up and down your slit.
Dee: mmm
Dee: Again I beg you to fuck me
Mike: I slip my cock inside you and then quickly back out again, I ask if you need more
Dee: you hear me whimper as you pull out
Dee: I tell you to fuck me hard
Dee: I need to be fucked.


Dee: As you fuck me, Joe plays with my ass again
Dee: he wants you to fuck my ass
Dee: with me still bent over the table, your cock gets harder still.
Dee: You once again pull out of my pussy.
Dee: You aim for my brown hole and push
Dee: you feel that slight pop as you pass through the snug sphincter
Dee: that tight ridge opens for you
Mike: mmmmm so tight, so hot
Dee: you groan as you enter me
Mike: My cock is rock hard inside your ass.
Dee: you push as deeply into my ass as you can
Dee: and hold the position until you feel me respond to you
Dee: then you fuck me
Dee: Joe is holding me in position as we are fucking so HARD


Dee: I want you to cum
Dee: I want you to feel all the pleasure we can milk out of you.
Dee: Joe is holding on to me, he is caressing my buns.
Dee: squeezing them around your cock.
Mike: ohhhh cummmingggggggggggggggg
Dee: his fingers grasp your balls as you empty into me
Dee: you cum for a long time.
Dee: you keep fucking me until you are completely drained.

"Dee: his fingers grasp your balls as you empty into me"
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Rosie said...

Makes me breathless. And such a beautiful creamy bottom in the picture.

GeorgeVanna said...

you sure got us going this morning


vanna and george

Cheri said...

Thanks for such an amazing visual, I'm off for a walk to release some sexual tension!

Desireous said...

WoW! How sexy! You sure got me going!


Mac said...

So hot!! " I want you to feel all the pleasure we can milk out of you" That just drives me crazy!!