Monday, July 31, 2006

Where? Oh, Where Has My Horniness Gone?

Ever seem to misplace your libido? Mine seems to have gone on vacation. (That would be "holiday" to you, Suze.) Every year I think, when the summer really kicks in, my horniness takes a leave of absence. Oh, I don't have any less sex than usual because it's so habitual for me to go upstairs with Dee on our usual days and to jerk off before heading to bed each evening, but the wall climbing compulsion to cum isn't there as it is during the other three seasons - even during the winter doldrums.

The keen edge on all things sexual that I typically perceive so easily I can barely discern when I get into a summer slump like this. The folks who know me best know that I don't do anything without bells and whistles; even those of you who've read me for a while here know that's true of me when it comes to my enjoyment of sex. As such, enduring these dry spells is a royal pain in the ass for me. It's not like I don't want to be jumping up and down in thinking about my next blast of hot jizz. I just don't have the motivation to do the figurative hopping and hollering that I generally enjoy in anticipation of a good, hearty squirt.

If autumn arrives and I'm still feeling like this I'll start to worry. Till then, though, I'll just assume it's the usual summer hiatus of my hearty sexual appetite.

More likely to get, "Oh, he's so cute," these days
than a, "Ohhh, how hard! Fuck me with that!"
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Suze said...

Joe, I have never experienced this libido hiatus. I seem to get hornier when the sun is shining, which it isn't today. :(

I hope your sexual mojo returns soon.

Mac said...

Joe, sometimes you kill me. LOL He certainly is a cute little fellow!!

this girl said...

It's this awful heat - makes everyone nasty mean and no libido...

or is that just me??? LOL

NeverEnough said...

Haha - I've had that feeling before. It probably won't last too long :)