Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Makin' a Splash

It amazes me how orgasms can be so different in their intensities, and even more how sometimes when all the conditions seem right for a huge one, you just get a small one, and sometimes when you're just expecting something ordinary, fireworks go off.

Dee and I celebrated our usual Tuesday evening festivities last night, and wow! It was the first time in the past two weeks or so that she'd been feeling pretty good after the bursitis came on, so she was more into it than she had been when she was hurting big time.

Our foreplay finished, Dee laid back and instead of mounting her missionary style as I usually prefer, with my balls still dripping from a phenomenal oral workout, I got on my side and entered her in what we call perpendicular fashion. Normally when I get inside her like that I can only get close to cumming without going over the edge, so usually I'll build toward climax a few times, each time hanging there at the point of almost squirting, let the sensations subside, and then work back up to near ejaculation, finally switching positions when I want to give Dee's pussy the slimy coup de grace. Last night, though, the second or third time I got to that point where I can't usually cross the line my cock started gushing into Dee like there'd be no tomorrow, and it was one of those orgasms where every bit of consciousness seems to shut down except for the sensations in my dick which then seem magnified. It was just a phenomenal climax that curled my toes so hard that I thought I might not walk right till this morning.

An hour or so later with Dee already sound asleep I was back here in the computer chair reading a few blogs and then looking at some wonderfully dirty pictures. A few strokes of my tender flesh and I had a hunk of Viagrafied cock in my lap that I could have used to hammer a spike into an oak plank. (The second erection on Viagra is often even better than the first, and yes, orgasm hog that I am, I typically jerk off after Dee and I do it because she goes to sleep early and I'm usually good for one more about an hour later.)

I did my usual slow stroke while checking out The Hun's daily offerings, and felt a nice climax brewing. When I was ready to cum I went through the customary paces that I put myself through in getting myself right to the brink and then holding back for a second or two before letting the goo fly. I expected at best a couple of moderate spasms with a few little dribbles of semen, but I got another wow! The cum came gushing out of the tip of my cock with a surprising fury and the sensations were every bit as fantastically maddening as the ones I enjoyed earlier when I was spraying into Dee's pussy.

Now if only I could figure out what the common denominator is between the ordinary orgasms and the ones I had last night that go off the charts.

When a thick blob of cum plops on the non-jerking
arm you can tell that the orgasm was a great one!
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RobbieG said...

You make a small fortune if you could package that or write a book about it. We'd all be lining up to get n autographed (or stained) copy.

Mac said...

Joe, that was beautiful. I wonder why all our orgasms can't be that fantastic??

this girl said...'s just cruel and unusal punishment, says the one with the hand fetish. It's so close...

::smile:; oh! and your post was good too!!!

Willy said...

You know a lot more about orgasms than I do Joe but try this if you haven't before. Hold back just on the point of ejaculation as you say....6 or 7 times bring yourself to the edge...then when you can't hold out any longer or don't want to...relax your stomach muscles as completely as you can...don't tense up. You may have an orgasm that starts in your toes and like an electrical charge couses through your body, ending in your spasming cock.

Works for me!!