Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Picture Speaks

We saw Don on Thursday evening and Dee's hip was feeling pretty good so we had a very pleasurable time. Dee got the sound ass fucking she was craving, and I was able to satisfy my deep hunger to suck some soft balls and rock hard cock.

Don gave me a CD of the pictures that I'd taken with his camera two weeks ago when I forgot to pack my own. Among them is a shot that totally takes my breath away because it seems to sum up in a single picture the raw beauty and excitement of Dee's asshole being stretched open and satisfied by Don's mighty dick. For me it symbolizes quite well too the rich emotional connection between Don and the two of us.

This shot of Don in Dee's ass captivates me on a number of levels.

I've been enjoying the view out the back window for the past few weeks as the neighbors' deciduous tree has been putting on its annual show. We're at a nice shade of orange right now with an amazing shade of red soon to come. And then... nude, but not one of the good kinds of nude. A nude as bad as might be featured on the cover of a gay magazine titled Hippo Sized Bears.

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Mac said...

Man oh man!! Joe, they both take my breath away but I'll just bet you know which one really takes it away. What a shot!!

Steve said...

Joe, great shot of Don in Dee's ass. A great view to start Sunday a.m.

I also liked the photo of the neighbors' tree:)