Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don's 130th Tonight

Tonight we're scheduled to enjoy Dee's 130th time with Don. Though one or two of those times were hurried feel-ups in one of their cars at lunch time at Dee's old workplace, and a few of them were abbreviated quickies in parking lots, over 120 of them were full experiences in love making from foreplay through Don's climax, usually in Dee's ass.

If not for Don, none of sharing Dee would likely have gotten off the ground.

Her first had to be somebody I knew, and could trust not to fall in love with her, but not somebody she knew. I was deceitful in not telling her that I knew Don before she met him and made love with him that first time. Luckily, she didn't hold that against me as she didn't my ruse in creating a guy out of thin air to tempt her into bed with somebody other than me in the first place.

It all worked out quite well. Here we are almost four and a half years later with Dee literally well over a thousand orgasms richer than if we had never opened our marriage to enjoying sex with others. I love our date nights. They're like having Christmas morning once a week because watching an aroused man unwrapping my wife's body is like when the kids were small and opened their presents with such glee that watching them was even better than opening our own gifts.

Don and Dee starting to undress their second
time in a motel room a long time ago.

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