Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On Wanting and Being Wanted

There's a certain, distinct kind of beauty about a woman who knows you want her and presents herself to you in a way that accentuates your desire. Dee does it overtly with all of her clothes off when she poses for pictures that she knows her lovers will see, but it comes in simpler forms too one of which I was thrilled to have been a part of just a few days ago.

New Girl e-mailed me from home late at night earlier in the week. She said she'd wear my favorite sweater the next day if I'd help her do something at work. Now, this is the sweater about which I complimented her a few weeks ago to which she replied with a grin, "You only like it because it makes my boobs look good." She had me. It makes her tits look spectacular and I had to admit to her that she was right. I wrote a reply to her e-mail, wearing a grin of my own that she wouldn't see till the next morning, that I'd be happy to help her. I told her that I like her so much that I'd even help her if she didn't wear anything at all.

She wore the sweater. I helped her very happily. I'd have helped her if she'd been wearing six layers of polar fleece and looking like a bag lady. On the outside, you'd probably say she's somewhat nondescript and rather plain looking, but she glows with an inner beauty that makes her scalding hot to me. She's married with kids, and she's devoted to her husband and children. She's just as passionate about doing the job that we both do and love. I love her dearly as a friend, and I want her so bad that I can almost taste her pussy just being in the same room with her. She knows it - and, she's cool with it. She thrives on the flattery with which I slaver over her, and she's not afraid to let me see her in a way that tells me that if we'd met in a different lifetime, or she was a little less Catholic, we'd be fucking like bunnies. I love that about her - that she's so sweet about knowing that I want her. It makes her all the more attractive to me.

Discretion warrants that I can offer only this Photo
Shopped impression of the actual photo of New Girl
standing beside my desk in our "special sweater."

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1 comment:

Mac said...

As someone said about your last post Joe, you're one lucky guy. You both are.