Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Living For Sex

It might make me appear to be shallow to the artistically pretentious or to those with lofty aspirations toward any higher goal, but to me there is nothing in life that can compare in beauty to the nude human form, particularly the aroused human form when all of the erectile tissue is engaged in preparing the body to achieve orgasm. There is no pleasure to be derived from anything - not the most spectacular sunset, not the sweetest, "I love you," sing-sung in a chipmunk voice by a two year old, not in the most indulgently scrumptious meal, certainly not in any museum, concert hall, nor on any stage which can parallel that to be found in a single sexual climax - even a weak one.

I live for sex. Hardly a minute passes when I'm not engaged by sheer necessity in eking out a living or tending to other bothersome details required by daily life that I'm not working toward cumming or at least contemplating how and when my next orgasm might be achieved. When I read figures suggesting how often the average human male thinks about sex I know that I am single-handedly evening out the mathematical mean for an entire order of monks somewhere in the world. I breathe for sex. I hunger for it. I thirst for it. Every fiber of my being celebrates and rejoices with my cock when it's spewing its spermy goodness forth whether humbly into my own hand or fervently and emotionally into another person's warm, receptive body - most especially, into Dee.

Today is Tuesday - one of our regular sex nights. All day I've been thinking about little else than of easing my stiff cock into Dee's loving pussy. Never mind that I've been intimate with her thousands of times in our nearly 25 years together, gushing maybe gallons of cum all told into her soft middle. All of those other times pale in my mind beside the thoughts of this one time only hours away. I want Dee so much that I'm nearly trembling with my desire.

As I write this I have spare ribs braising to be baked in a little while with honey and Jack Daniels barbecue sauce, and onion garnished red potatoes roasting in the oven. With steamed asparagus tips, they're going to make one great meal. It all smells so good that I'm almost drooling in anticipation of the delicious tastes. But I'd trade all of these heavenly smells for one quick whiff of Dee through the front of her panties. I'd give up eating the whole meal for one quick lick right now between Dee's labia - for one drop of the precious goo that her body offers up when its preparing to receive a man's excited cock.

To hell with Friday. Thank God it's Tuesday!

All my thoughts today have been woven around the
theme of feeling my wife's loving body receiving me
into her and milking me for all I'm worth.

Follow-up: The ribs were out of this world, but gushing into Dee's pussy was better! It always is. Better than anything else in the world.
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MikeCindynJoe said...

You make me smile.

BTW, I love the Christmas d├ęcor.

Mac said...

Yes, Joe, I read all the comparisons you made to the exquisite beauty of the human body experiencing an orgasm and I must say I totally agree with you. There is nothing more beautiful than the orgasm. And I live for it also. Hate to turn down those spareribs but I'm with you, I would for one quick whiff or taste of Dee.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

This is such a sweet entry. Dee is a lucky woman.

Willy said...

I think Joe is a lucky guy too....He got the ribs and the pussie.