Monday, November 27, 2006

Mid Monday Musings

Yesterday morning's post needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It was mostly the insecure rambling of a guy with a hotwife who turned down the offer of sex on Saturday because she was in a lot of pain. Now, mind you, the number of times that Dee's taken a rain check on sex with me in the past four years I could likely count on one hand without using all the fingers, but still it stings to get a, "No thanks. Not today," regardless of the legitimacy of the reason. Admittedly, it does give me a shudder when it feels like the bad old days, but I really should be more understanding and less pouty. Within an hour of my having posted that lament, Dee and I were delightfully naked, I was taking some early Christmas themed pics of her, and then we sucked and fucked each other till all 20 of our toes had curled and we were happily spent.

One of the new shots for Dee to mail out with her replies to her admirers.

Gone are the warm days when I could take to the bistro table in the yard and crank out a blog entry while soaking up the sun's warm rays. Alas! The table is put away for the season, but the laptop is still getting good use, now in the living room late at night when I like to catch up on some of my blog reading without having to be nailed to this same old chair where I do the brunt of my 'puting. It's much cozier in the recliner with a throw over my legs, a candle or two aglow, and a cup of hot tea for sipping than it is here in my "office" corner.

The table's in storage but I can still escape
from my usual computer space with the laptop.

Although I rarely steal images from the open 'net, now and then I'll grab one to use by way of editorial comment. This one cracks me up whenever I visit a particular amateur site and their tracking software determines my general whereabouts and customizes the spam it hurls at me by way of filling the screen with a bevy of very attractive babes, all of whom supposedly hail from a nearby hamlet which is often the focus of local jokes. Now I'm sure that the good folks there aren't anywhere near as backward as the fun we have at their expense might suggest, but the things Jeff Foxworthy says about rednecks we say about the inhabitants of this small town. I'm not mentioning its name here in the text so search engines won't refer to my blog if locals search for the town name, but it's in red below the promise of ball licking. The typical woman from there, by the jokes we tell about the place, has a double digit IQ, has at best a "How you doing?" relationship with her toothbrush, can spit a mouthful of chew a respectable distance, and is blood related to her husband. Whomever chose that town to use in its sex ads doesn't know our area in the least!

My new ass toy... Homemade to reach those hard to get at areas (like the ol' prostate). I gave it a whirl in the bathtub after I made it on Friday and it felt fantastic. Though I didn't cum with it in place, when I came back down here after toying my ass for a good while to jerk off to my favorite 'net porn the tingle up there was still going strong and made for a mighty orgasm. Two, in fact!

Who says you can't get sex toys at The Home Depot?

One last item... Somebody commented recently of his disappointment that the images here don't open with a click to reveal much larger versions of the pictures embedded in the text. That's by design. We post our larger sized pics elsewhere generally. This is basically a journal with illustrations and isn't intended to be a forum in which to showcase our fun photos, so I'll be keeping the pictures small.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

What the heck is that thing, Joe?

Damn, man, don't hurt yourself with that!!!!!

Damien_The Lover said...

I have been a silent follower of the blog a while now.I keep wondering what Dee thinks , feels about all this play.Apart from email excepts I have not seem much else, about what it's like for her to see you take cock in the mouth, ass and all that ? That is a real transformation from when you were all vanilla .If I missed an entry from Dee , I apologise.

Gotta love a woman who loves fucking like Dee. You , "not so much " hey that's a line from the movie Borat, just teasing you dude.

Real "beef", made real good and worked even better!!!

Mac said...

Yesterday's musings taken with a grain of salt, and gladly.

DeesDon said...

The toothbrush was invented in Noxen. Know how we know? If it was anywhere else, it would have been called the "Teethbrush"!