Sunday, November 12, 2006

Miscellaneous Weekend Stuff

I've been in more of a doing than a writing mood this weekend. I had Friday off for the holiday and did a bunch of yard work that I'd been putting off - well, that and jerking off a whole bunch of times 'cause I was home alone. I like being able to play with myself as often as the mood strikes me, and I enjoy a day when I can do it as often as I please.

Both yesterday and today Dee and I went for rides. We're trying to find a little country store that we remember stopping at a few times through the years, but neither of us can remember where it is. We traced some roads where we thought it might be, but we haven't found it yet. We enjoyed the time together in the car, though, so it wasn't any time wasted.

This afternoon we spent some quality time upstairs. We shot a series of Thanksgiving pictures for posting in the usual places. When we finished, Dee was nude and moist, and I always get hard when I'm photographing her so we took advantage of the opportunity to lick, suck, and fuck each other silly. (Okay, I was silly to begin with, but you know what I mean.)

Other weekend miscellany... I got the snow blower fixed. Dee and I did a bunch of running around chores. Mike's Eagles made minced meat out of the Redskins. We helped my cousin sort some things she'd been stockpiling on her laptop with no rhyme nor reason.

It's only around 6:30 PM on Sunday and it feels like it should be midnight already. Did I ever mention that next to sex and eating I like sleeping best? From a quick siesta to a full night's sleep, I just love sleeping. Good evening. Good night!
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