Monday, November 13, 2006

Monkeys? Did Somebody Say, "Monkeys?"

I'm not much of a "memer" because I'm paranoid about saying too much about my Bruce Wayne side here in the blog, and most memes seem to demand that too many personal details are revealed. This one question, though, from the meme Madame X was responding to today, caught my eye: "Hot nasty monkey sex with no guarantee of an orgasm or luke warm white bread sex with a guaranteed orgasm which do you chose?"

The Madame (I still think of her by her old blog name, starting with a G.) would take the monkey shines. I, on the other hand, at this point in my life would take the plain stuff in order to ensure getting those toe curling sensations at the end. Although our sex life over the course of the past four years or so has been quite the amazing ride, when it's just Dee and me both our needs are quite simple and easily satisfied. As long as I get that glistening geyser out of me at the end, whatever we do together whether it's novel and spontaneous or unimaginative and predictable is just perfect.

Even when it comes to playing with others, the guys or the occasional other wife or girlfriend, I'm most concerned most of the time with ensuring that the others are having a great time and cumming as much as they can. I enjoy the wilder things insofar as they help our partners to experience as much pleasure as they can achieve, but when it comes to myself all I need is one, good orgasm to be totally, completely content so spare me the flying monkeys.

(If the monkeys are being invited, however, be sure to remind me to charge my batteries because I'll be wanting pictures!)

All I really need is a little friction applied to the right
place at the right time to be totally fulfilled sexually.
(Emotionally, is a whole 'nother ballgame, though.)
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1 comment:

Rosie said...

But you realize Joe, that this sooo changes our view of you. YOU, NOT want wild monkey sex. Who would have thought?