Friday, November 24, 2006

An Oily Thanskgiving Dessert

If Dee's looking for a prolonged, impassioned session of analingus she knows that all she needs to do is take a hot bath with some of Avon's Skin So Soft oil squirted into the mix. Somehow I've become conditioned to start slavering when I detect so much as one part per million of that scent and the salivary output doubles at the sight of Dee's oily ass just waiting to be tongued.

Yesterday when we had the house to ourselves Dee announced that she was heading upstairs to take an oil bath. I wrapped my arms around her, leaned in close and whispered, "You know I'm going to have to lick your asshole after that, right?" She replied with a huge grin and an, "Mmmmmm!" My tongue got as hard as my cock as she headed up the stairs and purred, "Come get me in about twenty minutes."

I noted the time on the clock, took off my pants and boxers, and sat back down here at the computer. My left hand went straight for my budding dick as my right reached for the mouse to browse through the many naked Dee directories till I found one that most suited my immediate need for visual stimulation. I could have headed up to the bathroom simply to watch Dee in the tub, but, as usual, I really wanted to see her getting fucked. I found the set of pics from the first time Gerry visited us and within a few pictures and a couple of well placed strokes of my fingertips my cock was fully stiff and throbbing. By the time I headed up the stairs with camera in hand I was dripping precum like a fountain, yet it was my tongue that was most set on tending immediately to the nude, oily Dee.

The sight that greeted me when I got to the bathroom.

My timing was perfect! When I stepped into the bathroom, Dee was standing in the tub, bent at the waist, and reaching for the drain plug. Fortuitously, I'd already booted the camera and was able to snap a few quick shots in succession of her slick buns before she arighted herself and started toweling dry. If my tongue had a hole at the tip I don't doubt that it would have been oozing the lingual equivalent of precum to match the output down below. I couldn't get Dee to the bedroom fast enough and when I did I simply ordered, "On your belly or on your side." She opted for the belly position. I snapped a few more pictures of the ass I was about to devour and then went crazy in her crack.

As with eating pussy or sucking cock, licking a responsive anus is something I just lose myself in doing. I love the feeling of Dee's pucker against my lips and my tongue, and her soft buns against my cheeks, and I can never decide if I like more separating her buns with my fingers to probe her asshole lightly with my tongue or to push her cheeks tightly together with my face buried between them to dig my face in deep and push my tongue firmly to the very center of her hole till I feel it relax just enough for the very tip to penetrate her. Because I can't decide, I vary between doing both.

My tongue never leaves Dee's asshole except for when the urge to chew her buns lightly overtakes me. My fingers knead her ass the whole time that I'm eating her back there and after sufficient time for her vagina to get all juicy I slip a finger or two between her puffy labes and up inside her. With a couple of well placed fingers in her pussy I can sandwich her asshole between my fingers on the inside and my tongue on the outside to create a delightful pressure against it.

I worship Dee's entire ass with my face when I can bear to tear the tip of my tongue away from her puckered circle. I lick her whole crack from as close to her pussy as my tongue can reach through the small of her back. When she finally rolls over and spreads her legs wide for me to eat her pussy to orgasm I know that what I did to her ass worked its magic when I see how swollen her labia are and her hard clit peeking up like a baby bird waiting to be fed. Yesterday's session was classic. We both loved it. I not only got my fill of turkey, but of my favorite thing to eat as well - Dee's precious ass. Of course, after that I came deep in her pussy with a huge groan of satisfaction.

The last snap I took before spreading Dee's buns
wide apart with my fingers and tasting her hot ass.

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Mac said...

Oh, how I love to do the same thing. I simply love it and I love the way you describe doing it to Dee. What a lovely ass she has and oh how sweet to lick her to orgasm.

Rosie said...

This could also be read as a wonderful How-To-Do-It piece. Listen up all men.

Willy said...

Joe..I swear your descriptions are getting more erotic all the time,,,by the time I got to the end of your piece I was ready to cum myself.

Desireous said...

Wow you guys sure now how to celebrate a holiday! That's for sure!