Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Dan Disaster

Preface... Dan is a guy who works with Dee. They hang out together on their breaks and at lunchtime. Because they talk about everything, he knows that every week Dee and I have an evening reserved to go out together. Last summer he asked her where we go on our weekly date nights. She told him! She then invited him to make love with her on such an evening. He asked her a number of times if I had to be there if they went to bed together and she told him that it's how we do things and that it was her preference for me to be there. He hemmed and hawed about it all summer and fall. Clearly he wanted to be with her, but he didn't want me there. They teased and shared steamy talk for months about the eventual possibility of him joining us, but with him always declining whenever Dee asked him to meet up with us.

When I wanted to meet Dan at lunch over the summer when I was taking vacation time, he obviously balked every time Dee told him that I'd be joining her at lunchtime and made some excuse not to join her/us. That left me feeling uneasy, but I hoped that in time he'd come around. This was the first time Dee was the pursuer rather than the prey, and I really wanted her to have him. She'd get so damned turned on whenever she told me about their suggestive talk sessions that I knew she'd have a great time in the sack with him.

A few weeks ago I worked it out so that I could join Dee for coffee on her morning break figuring that I'd just put myself in Dan's face once and for all to break the ice. I thought the meeting went well. Dan shook hands firmly and was quite personable, and when they had to go back to work he again extended his hand with a, "It was really nice to meet you." I felt good in thinking that we'd made a huge step toward Dee getting Dan out of his clothes and into her pussy.

The next day Dan avoided Dee at both of their break times and at lunch. The day after he told her that he felt betrayed by my visit. He accused her of plotting the meeting so he couldn't back out. He said that my whole reason for joining her at break time was so I could meet him unexpected on his part. And then came the part that sort of made my head spin a little... He said that since he had seen us together he knew that bedding Dee would be wrong and that he could never do it.

So it seems that the unease I'd felt when he always avoided meeting me wasn't unwarranted. I'm thinking now that he wanted to take her to bed alone in hopes of winning her over - maybe with the intention of hoping that he could inspire her to fall in love with him. I fell in love with Dee myself a long time ago because I loved her friendship and wanted it always. Because I know that Dan's relationship with his own wife is somewhat superficial and strained, and because I know what a great friend Dee must be to him, I can all too easily imagine that he might want her for himself. It seems, and Dee agrees with me, that he almost wanted to deny my existence by refusing to meet me.

It seems that my showing up as I did somehow burst his fantasy bubble in that his desire to be with Dee evaporated completely in the time that it took us to sip our coffees.

I feel bad. I know Dee wanted him. All in all, though, perhaps things worked out for the best.

If Dan hadn't gotten all weird it could have been
he whose hands were dipping down into Dee's
panties for a feel of her hot bottom in more
ways than one.

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bad influence girl said...

well, i'm sad that dee didn't get her toy but i'm thrilled to bits that that guy didn't get to even try to stir trouble for you guys.

and nice knickers :)

MikeCindynJoe said...

I agree with BIG. A potential playmate got away, but perhaps the baggage that would have accompanied him was avoided. In these instances, it's best for one to "travel light".

Don't spend too much thought on it. One need not know the chemical composition of excrement to know that is it shit.

I just hope this fellow is mature enough to know how to behave at work.

Desireous said...

Cheer up hun. The guy is a jerk! Seriously who is he to say that Dee can't have her husband show up? Really? Then to get angry at her and ignore her for it! The audacity! Think about it! I grew very annoyed with the guy upon reading this. Sometimes things are a blessing in disguise and this seems to be one of them.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

What an immature twit. So sorry that happened, to the both of you.

MrManicDepressive said...

Sorry things didn't work out for the two of you. I'm with you though, I think he thought he could woo her away from you.