Monday, December 18, 2006

A Favored View

One of Dee's favorite positions to be in when she's giving me head conveniently happens to be one of my favorites for her to use. She lies across me with her ass and back facing me which takes the weight off her elbows - good for when her joint pains are more active. It's good for me in five ways. Because Dee's more comfortable, I get a longer head session. It reminds me of some of my very first sexual experiences with a girl because M often used to lie across me the same way when she blew me. It aligns the angle of my erect cock so that it's aimed directly at Dee's mouth which gives me equal stimulation all around when she wraps her lips around me. It affords me the splendid view of Dee's smooth, sleek back and ass, and it gives me unencumbered access to Dee's juicy slit so my fingers can dip up inside her or lazily tickle her taut asshole as I anticipate being inside her bottom.

The wonderful view of Dee while she's sucking my cock.

The Dee blow job is almost always a prelude to orgasming in her amazing pussy, but when she starts really working over my balls with her tongue and lips I'm frequently torn between the desire to stroke myself to climax while she's lapping at me down there and my wanting to squirt in her hole. Though I love the double delicious sensations of my hand on my cock and Dee's warm mouth going crazy all over my nuts, the feeling of Dee's creamy pussy walls caressing and squeezing me from all sides with each orgasmic spasm that rushes through me is my absolute favorite way to cum. I suppose the ultimate orgasm would be achieved with my cock in Dee's pussy with her mouth working my my balls at the same time. Yes, I've had my balls licked by another while fucking Dee, but Dee's simply THE best when it comes to putting her tongue to my sac.

Gary visits for supper today. It's always so uplifting to have him around because he's so very animated and excited about everything that he talks about, especially his hurried encounters with guys when he's here in town.

I've been busy and haven't visited a number of my favorite blogs in the past week or so. I'll be checking in with all my friends' as soon as I can.

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KYCM said...

Yes Joe and there is a Santa Claus. ;)
I'm sure that you would love to be in Dee's sweet Pussy...and have her talented mouth tonguing your balls. I would like to lick my balls and blow myself too. Sadly my friend, I'm not that flexible and neither is Dee. Thanks for the nice thoughts though and know I'm loving the vision of you and her in that arrangement...I'll be you that time and take the pics!
Have a great week You two..... Hugsssssss!!

KYCM - Short Fan

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Her bottom looks absolutely perfect in this picture.

I miss you!

DeesDon said...

Dee's bottom ALWAYS looks (and tastes) perfect!