Sunday, December 17, 2006

Would Things Have Been Different?

Many of my closest friends are the same guys whose friendships I made in high school and college. Gary, who'll be visiting us tomorrow, was the very first "best friend" I made on my own - not because of circumstances like living in the same neighborhood or that our moms were friends, but as the result of a deliberate choice. He was the first "real life" friend to whom I confessed my joy of sharing Dee and of my man-on-man dalliances only to have him admit to me that he'd started sucking cock in the fourth grade.

All those times when Gary and I had looked at skin mags in his room together in high school - never would I have imagined that a cock and balls were as much of a turn-on to him as a splendorific set of tits. Less would I have entertained even a fleeting thought that the day would come when the same could be said of me. Only in retrospect can I consider that some of the vague sexual feelings I had when he and I looked at magazines together might have been from some subconscious consideration of his cock growing as hard as mine was when we were ogling the nude pictorials in Penthouse and Hustler.

I wonder at times, had either Gary or I made a move toward playing together, would I be married now or might my passion for sucking cock driven me either in a different direction or left me so confused that I'd have been adrift and lost all my days? I can't answer that, of course, but I like where I am with a great marriage and a delicious fill of hard cock to suck almost weekly.

Because I enjoy posting pictures but don't have a specific
one to accompany this entry, here's one from our first
year with Don of him sampling with a finger the warm,
snug wetness inside Dee that his cock is about to enjoy.
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1 comment:

tri-portal said...

My friend, you truly have the best of both worlds. Women are just too wonderful. Me thinks that you are bi and not gay. If you are like me, you could NEVER give up the pussy. Or maybe I just do not understand. At this point in my life, I cannot understand how someone can like just like the opposite or the same sex. Being bi is fantastic. And if you can have partners that understand and accepting - then you have it made. You have reached the promised land. Wonder all you want. I think that if you were gay and had all the cock that you desired, and some sweet looking girl was to offer herself to you, your cock would spring up and do the deed. You would be wondering why you had wasted so much time sucking cock.