Tuesday, December 19, 2006


At least a few letters I get a week regarding our posts of Dee's nude pics come from guys who basically say, "I love Dee's pics because she looks just like my wife." I understand where they're coming from completely. Back when I was enjoying the pics posted by other guys of their wives, long before I even dreamed that someday I might have the guts to ask Dee for permission to show her off, I was always thrilled to find wives whose bodies reminded me of Dee's. The same sized tits, areolas, nipples. The same curvaceous ass. Same hairiness of bush. Same soft belly. Same legs. Little toes. You name it. Any resemblance of another woman to Dee always scored a few points on the Erecto-meter. Still does.

I don't know if it's that I'm attracted to Dee's body type more than any other, or if I simply like the type because my wife has it. When we met at college, I'd have described Dee as looking somewhat tomboyish. She usually wore jeans or cords with dressier, oxford shirts and her wardrobe in general was much more suited to walks in the woods than debutante balls. Her legs were an average long, but she had a bit of a shorter torso than sported by the typical model in a magazine. From the minute I first got her out of her clothes, I was in lust as quickly as I was in love, and to me she looked just perfect. Still does.

Dee's weight and shape have varied through the years by her telling. Often she'll remark about what the scale says or how her clothes do or don't fit her. I never see a difference, though. To me she's just Dee - perfect as she is, however she is, and she doesn't look a bit different in my mind as she did when I first saw her bare at age 19.

I guess what thrills me most about seeing Dee naked in pictures, or other guys' wives, is the self satisfaction evident in the poses they strike. They're old enough and smart enough not to compare themselves to anybody else and to be happy and satisfied in knowing that we, their husbands and "fans", find them to be hotter than anybody else with their clothes off. I'm happy for the guys who think Dee's hot because she looks like their own wives. They know how I feel in my happiness with having Dee whom I wouldn't trade for any other woman (except for an hour or two in a bed on occasion) - not for her body - not for her anything.

The same basic shape Dee's had for as
long as I've known her - just perfect!
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Norton said...

I hadn't noticed it before, and perhaps it was this post that sent my mind wandering through the "Hall Of Breasts", but Dee has almost EXACTLY the same breasts as the ex of mine who, many years ago, introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex.

So, thanks for the memory!

KYCM said...

In my humble opinion and "lower level" point of view, I find everthing about Dee attractive. Honestly, I look at Dee, You and this fine blog the same. As great reading with mmmmm mmmmm good pics, of the wonderful experiences you relate back, in detail. I Thank You all very much for that.

KYCM - Short Fan