Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I Met Dan!

Well, I finally met Dan!

I ended up with some time off this morning and Dee suggested that I meet her for coffee near her workplace knowing that Dan would be with her as he usually is on their morning break. She didn't mention to him that she knew I'd be coming because he might've made some excuse to beg off from accompanying her, and she feigned surprise when she saw me waiting for them.

He's a very nice guy and he has an amazingly smooth voice - like a midnight D.J. running the broken hearts request line. Yes, I can see easily why Dee'd like to do him. Though he's quite a bit older than both of us, he has attractive features and he looks good in his clothes which she often mentions to me when she's thinking about getting him out of them.

Here's hoping that our having broken the ice might lead to him joining us at the motel sometime in the not too distant future!

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