Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mail Call

I got this overnight. I won't post my dislikes about his comments here as he suggested I might; I'll simply post the whole thing as a cathartic. I don't understand his hatred. Disappointment? Sure. I've been disappointing even myself with my recent dearth of anything originally insightful. If you come to dislike a blogger and his blog this much over nothing personal, though, why dish out such viciousness instead of simply tuning out?


Such a shame you keep reminding Dee in your blogs about her previous life- sans sex with you and others. I am also sick of hearing about how you fill "your belly" at Chinese Buffets.

I started reading your blog with my wife and it was such a good thing. However, although you think of yourself as the Poe of blogworld: you are not. Sorry to say- your posts have lost the originality you once had. Perhaps you are too busy counting how many times Dee has fucked another-- I think you havs lost sight in where you were going. And, yes, I am sick of hearing of your big fat FULL belly.

Dee is HOT-- but you are NOT.

Keep Dee here and leave the posts to her-- you have been sorely a disappointment.

And when you post your dislikes on your blog to my comment-- think again-- because I am not tuning in to you on a reg basis anyhow, and your immature comments wont worry me-- by the way-- I know you always have the dic beside you for bigger words-- I mean Mirriam Webster Dic-- not YOURS- it is PUNY even when hard. Your words are truly spoken like a semi college grad-- who had to quit because his horny girl got pregnant. God bless your kids they need it.


KYCM said...

What a total and pathetic ass. So uncalled for and rude. I appreciate this blog so very much. I'm almost finished going back thru each and EVERY (hehe) archive. I feel so lucky to be allowed to be given insght into your world. Hell with pricks like that. Those kind of notes are what the delete button is for.

Hugsssssssss my friends...Thanks for being here!!

KYCM - Short Fan

SemperSexualis said...

Wow. That's really... unique.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Just think of the wasted time and negative energy it took to pound out such a sensless dissing, instead of just quietly removing your link from his browser.

Sigh... some people just gotta bitch.

arcticguy said...

Thanks, Joe, for simply posting this curious letter with only slight comment. Ironically, it reminds me how much I have come to enjoy your shared thoughts. And this is in addition to our long, internet relationship via other venues.

Because I suspect the man who wrote this note will be provoked by curosity or ego to see if there are any comments, I will offer mine.

I have exchanged letters with Joe for over four years, long before the blog began. I find his letters at times funny, intelligent, sensuous, articulate, loving and courageously introspective. When traveling in his general area I have twice shared a non-Chinese Buffet with him, once with Dee accompanying him.

He had no dictionary but was articulate, just as his letters and blog. Yes, Joe enjoyed his food. But then as another word-man, Samuel Johnson said, "A man who doesn't mind his stomach, minds little else."

I personally know Joe's learning is deep and continuing. That's an element that raises his blog above others.

Back to the blog. There have been splendid entries--spirituality over sharing stands out as does another recent one about Dee with her lovers and how Joe felt watching them. I read that one recenty to my wife's lover of several years and he was visibly moved. So was my wife of over two decades. Joe's blog became a springboard for a wonderful conversation between the three of us.

Is there repitition? Of course there is. This is a man sharing his journey with his wife, their love and sexuality and thoughts. Such journeys have many moments of seeming reptition but actually they can contain nuances that show either small movement or perhaps a firming conclusion.

Joe's blog is a journal he shares with any who cares to read it. It's as if he left it on his desk top in open view. It's there if we want to pick it up and read. If we don't like the thoughts or writer, simiply leave it lying unopened.

To Joe, again thanks for publishing this curious spilling of words, although he was right that Dee is hot.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Ignore the asshole. They're always around. I ask myself the same question whenever I some snarky comment...why the hell do they keep on reading? Why not just bugger off?

I love you...you keep on doing just what you are doing.

{milla} said...

In Australia we call them wankers.

Forget about it entirely. Entirely.

Your life is awesome.


Fat Controller said...

Joe: It's your blog. You publish whatever the hell you feel like publishing. If people like it that's great, if not well that's just too bad. I just cannot understand the barefaced nerve of this idiot presuming to tell you what you ought and ought not to put in your personal and intimate journal.

To the (presumably anonymous) writer of this garbage: Get your own life and your own blog.

Andy said...

I'm with Milla....and I do love that word!

bad influence girl said...

why do people bother?

i mean really dude don't you have better things to do with your time than to attack people who are perfectly happy in their lives?

as for originality it's hard to stay orininal... people fall for your writing because it's fresh and new but then they get used to it and call it old and tired. it's not the writing that changed...

and finally? if you don't love food chances are you aren't passionate about much

poppycocks said...

As a new reader of your blog, and erotic blogs in general let me say that I have been pleasantly surprised by what I have read. It is so much easier to be critical of others than to do something of value yourself. Keep writing, you have many silent fans.

Mac said...

You and Dee are the greatest. I always have and hopefully always will enjoy your blog. It's as good now, probably better, that it ever has been. Ignore ignorance which abounds with this guy.

Cheri said...

Wow..it's not even his words but the fact that he took the effort to write that. Mostly, he seemed disturbed about your buffet enjoyment...LOL You keep enjoying those wontons!!

Well, we've discussed this before and you've gotten me through meanies-- Your Blog, Your Thoughts, Your Life!! and I love it!! XOXO